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  • Baudin Conservation Park – Kangaroo Island

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | June 2, 2010
    Baudin Conservation Park is positioned on the eastern edge of the township Penneshaw on the huge Dudley Peninsula in Kangaroo Island. In addition the Bates family used to farm this area as of the year 1861 until the year 2001. Subsequent to the passing away of Vince Bates (also known as Vincent) this property was been purchased by means of National Parks and Wildlife SA (NPWSA) that was to be looked after as a general Conservation Park. This area was been declared as park officially on 3 April in the year 2002. Baudin Conservation Park – Birds Eudyptula minor do reside with the rock-strewn foreshores of this park. All of these birds are best scrutinized at the hours of darkness by means of a red-light filtered torch. As soon as observing  [...]
  • Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve – protecting the huge Giant Pandas

    Posted in Asia | June 1, 2010
    The Wolong Panda Reserve Research Center was been set up through the Chinese government quite back in the year 1958 as to set aside the on the way out populations of panda. The Panda Reserve is placed at a distance of a 3 hours long drive as of Chengdu. It is a natural reserve that covers a total area of more than 200,000 hectares as well as is known to be the largest panda reserve located in China. Wolong Panda Reserve Research Center was been added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site in the year 1980. All through the past many year ever since the expansion of the Wolong Panda Reserve, survival rates of the unnaturally bred baby panda has amplified as of 30% to 90% in the year 2003. Wolong Panda Reserve was opened up as wildlife observation  [...]