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  • Call of the Wild – Bannerghata National Park

    Posted in Asia | November 29, 2011
    If you are a nature lover and want to feel the raw beauty of Mother Nature then make sure you are going on one of those quick getaways where you can get the best of natural experience. This national park of around 105 sq km has all the reasons to be a great wildlife destination and the entire forest of scrub tree is the best experience for a seasoned traveler. This place is also home to the bison, lion, world boar and the leopard. There is a farm fro crocodiles here and also a serpentarium. Added to this there is a butterfly park too. The park is so huge that a part of it has been reserved as a sanctuary. This has made sure that these animals are protected and the sanctuary mainly houses wild animals that are rescued. These animals are also  [...]
  • Anshi National Park – The Call of the Wild

    Posted in Asia | November 22, 2011
    Situated in the district of Uttara kannada in the area of Karwar the Anshi National Park. This is a 340 sq km area and is joined with the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. This area was declared the wildlife sanctuary in the year 1956 on May 10. A portion of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary was taken out and made into the Anshi National Park. The status of Project Tiger Sanctuary was given in the year January 2007. Located in a zone of eco sensitivity, the Anshi national Park is situated in the Western Ghats a height of 200m to 925 m above the sea level. This park is rich in flora and fauna. There are lots of trees found here and these are of the teak, bamboo, lantana, eucalyptus and silver oak variety. Besides these, silver oak, xylia xylocarpa, and  [...]
  • Rajaji National Park – Know your wilder side

    Posted in Asia | November 15, 2011
    Come to the land of India and go to the state of Uttaranchal and just find yourself ensconced in the Uttarkhand region. This is where you would find the most beautiful of surroundings and the best of parks. So this is ideally the best place for a national park zone. Thus the Rajaji National Park does full justice to the attractive forms of nature here and the place has the best attractions for all enthusiasts of wildlife. Set amidst the beautiful surroundings of green expanse and wild life inhabitation, the Rajaji National Park is a beautiful tourist zone and is named after the great leader Sri. C. Rajagopalachari who was also the First Governor of India. Spanning over an area of around 820 square km, this is a park which is open only from  [...]
  • Great Himalayan National Park – come closer to Wildlife

    Posted in Asia | November 8, 2011
    India is synonymous with the Great Himalayas. They are a major source of inspiration and respect and awe. Today they stand tall as the largest mountains in the whole world. They are called Devbhumi or the abode of Gods. One of the best Mountain regions in the entire planet are a great store house for biological habitats and biodiversity. This ecological structure of the Himalayas led to the Great Himalayan National Park being created. This lies in the district of Kullu in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This expanse of land has the greatest biodiversity, with very few people living here and the place is also inaccessible, and not many tourists go here. Today this is an important source of water in the villages and the cities of the region of  [...]
  • Sariska National Park – Delve into Nature

    Posted in Asia | November 1, 2011
    Come to the land of Rajasthan in India and enter the district of Alwar and see the pristine surroundings of Sariska National Park and see the beauty of the ambience. With the dry forests of deciduous trees see the beauty of the changing seasons and the magnificence of the undulating terrain here. Come to the plateau region and enjoy the splendour of the huge valleys. Here you would enjoy the beautiful existence with the herbivores, tigers, sambar, spotted deer and the blue bulls living together in harmony. Existing since the year 1978, the entire zone spans over an area of around 866 square km. The forest was part of the state of Alwar and was actually used as a hunting reserve for the entire royalty. Then when India got independence, this  [...]