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  • Latest on Wildlife News

    Posted in News | March 27, 2012
    Wildlife has never ceased to interest the tourists and it is only a nature enthusiast who would wriggle his travels to those parts of the world which would give the most fascinating travel delights. The latest news is that the Olive ridley turtles have arrived in the Gahirmatha Beach in the state of Orissa and they have laid eggs and this has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and delight by the nature lovers. The forest officials are also equally excited about this. There is supposed to be an estimated 46,000 female turtles which were found digging pits on the nesting ground that is mainly for the laying of eggs as per the forest officials. This year the number of visiting turtles is on the decline yet there are around 5 lakh turtles that  [...]
  • Central Balkan National Park Travel Guide

    Posted in Europe | March 20, 2012
    Bulgaria has three national Parks which have a lot of luscious greenery and a lot of protected vegetation too. The Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan are the three green zones in this part of the world. Central Balkan are among the most protected Europe areas and has some of the best wild regions in this part of the world. these parks in Bulgaria are identified as Category II which are protected by the best conservation parks in this part of the world. The Bulgarian national parks give best opportunities for scientific research and tourism and also education. Bulgaria has some of the most valued resources for the cultural value and livelihood for the people who are living in close quarters. There are lot of links between economic development and  [...]
  • Adelaide Zoo Attractions

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | March 13, 2012
    Come to Australia the continent of pleasures, and enjoy the pleasures of being in this land of exciting adventures and beautiful memories. This is one place where you get to see the most fascinating travel delights and the most cherishable tour memories. This is one major continent offering best cities and the most fascinating wildlife experiences too. So the Adelaide Zoo is not only a feast for the eyes but also a great treat for the tourists coming to this part of the world. Come to Australia’s second oldest zoo which is incidentally the only metropolitan zoo in this part of the world to be operated without any profit in mind. This is situated in the parklands which lie just to the north of the Adelaide city Centre in the southern part  [...]
  • Chobe National Park Tour Pleasures

    Posted in Africa | March 6, 2012
    Come to the land of culture, tradition and travel adventures – Africa and enjoy the surroundings of green ambience here. Come to the Chobe National park,third largest national park of Africa, and experience being in the most pristine surroundings in this part of the world. The park looks really beautiful and you would certainly love to enjoy this one time experience. The Chobe National park is divided into four different regions and each has a different kind of ecosystem. The Chobe riverfront is located in the North end of the park, and has the basic geographical features that surround the region with the most lush green surroundings and also has floodplains and has the densest woodland with the best varieties of teak, mahogany and other  [...]