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  • Wild Safari Tales from Okavango

    Posted in Africa | August 23, 2012
    Visit the unique ecological region of the Okavango Delta. This beautiful paradise filled with the best sights of the papyrus lined waterways and the lovely water lily laden lagoons, with the knee deep floodplains is a sure attraction in this part of the world in Africa. With the continuous stretch of sand that is a major feature of Africa , the Okavango Delta is an irresistible source of beautiful life in the country and provides a fascinating combination of wild interests and memorable tours. It is an alluvial fan of debris and sediment which filled a huge trough that was formed when the earth’s crust sunk into the ground. So these line of parallel faults along the River Okavango is what make up the lovely region of Okavango. Fed by the  [...]
  • News about Phillippines and Birds

    Posted in News | August 7, 2012
    It is said that Phillippines could have more unique species than ever thought before. Phillippines is considered to be a very hot biodiversity spot. It has the best species of birds than ever thought. Most of the animal species found here are totally endemic. So this land of around 7,100 islands is perhaps the only place which are around 77% of amphibians More than 31% of birds are only in Phillipines. The bird fauna here is a distinct species and is made up of lovely perching birds that have not been found anywhere in the world. the samples of the Phillippines populations of the species were always a little different from the samples in other parts of this south eastern part of Asia. Earlier taxonomics used plumage color to be able to identify  [...]