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Argali facts

February 8th, 2011
Considered as the largest of the wild sheep, Argali is the mammal of the Central Asia highlands. Its look is somewhat similar to the zodiac sun sign of Aries. The term ‘Argali’ is derived from the Mongolian name that means ‘ram’. Coming to its physical description, Argali is a multi-color sheep whose shades range from buff to grey-brown including the in-between white seen especially in the older sheep. These sheep  [...]
  • Jaguarundi facts
    Also known as jaguar, Jaguarundi is an American mammal, which is the regarded as the largest feline cat in this continent. We all have heard about the jaguars while exploring the Mayan ruins indicating that this animal was once worshipped  [...]
    Posted at February 1st, 2011
  • Siberian Tiger facts
    Also known as Amur, a Siberian tiger refers to the giant carnivores that mostly tend to survive in the coldest regions of our planet. It is certainly the largest cat in the world, but is sadly today among the endangered animals. Currently,  [...]
    Posted at January 25th, 2011
  • Mountain Lion facts
    Also called cougars, the Mountain Lions are American wild cats seen extensively in the Western hemisphere and called by separate names in different areas. With its 40 names, one of the most interesting Mountain Lion facts is that this  [...]
    Posted at January 18th, 2011

Recent Articles

  • Jigme Dorji National Park

    Posted in Asia | February 7, 2012
    Bhutan is a lovely land of greenery and with the ideal surroundings for wildlife. The wildlife of Bhutan is very special and interesting to the tourist. Bhutan’s National Park system spans over a huge area and started sometime in the year 1999, when the ecosystems here began to protected. The national parks in the country of Bhutan not only help to preserve the culture but also enhance its traditions. These parks are not made for tourism but as protected areas. The Jigme Dorji National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Bhutan. It protects the Punakha, the GAsa, Thimphu and the Paro regions. This is where you can see most of the endangered species like the leopard, the tiger, the blue sheep, the takin, the red panda and the  [...]
  • Bangladesh Wildlife Tours

    Posted in Asia | January 31, 2012
    Many people visit mo a place to get the best of its views and the most ideal travel experiences there. Many travel to Bangladesh just to experience its lovely surroundings and also to understand its interesting facts. But the beauty and charm of the place is something unbeatable and there is something very intriguing about this lovely land in this part of the world which makes it a much visited spot in Asian tours. Bangladesh has some of the best species and varieties when it comes to wildlife and other flora. It allows the tourist to totally seep in the beautiful surroundings and gives a good know how of the biodiversity of this place. Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary One such place is the Pablakhali wildlife Sanctuary which exposes you to the  [...]
  • Azerbaijan Wildlife

    Posted in Asia | January 24, 2012
    With the plethora of wildlife, that Azerbaijan has, the travel to this part of the world is very interesting and exciting. With the wide variety of reptiles, insects and birds that form a major population here, the Azerbaijan region gives you an ideal opportunity, to see the best of wildlife here. With the diverse flora and fauna, the natural habitat here is very rich and is a major source of attraction for all. In fact, the Azerbaijan wildlife is being protected such that there are many rules that have been made to protect these hoofed and fun animals in this region. The main symbol of wildlife in Azerbaijan is the Karabakh horse. This is a horse that originates from the mountain steppe and is in fact found only in Azerbaijan. Originally a  [...]
  • Wildlife Attractions in Armenia

    Posted in Asia | January 17, 2012
    Armenia is a land of diverse culture, interesting attractions and amazing wildlife. The fauna here is as diverse as the various habitats found in this region. The mountainous terrain here is greatly responsible for such a plethora of fauna and flora found here. This country has the most important zones for all kinds of migratory animals and at least 350 varieties of birds. Most of the domesticated animals actually have their origins ere in Armenia. The mouflon is believed to be the ancestor of the domesticated sheep and is found here in the land of Armenia. Most of the animal species that have been protected here are endangered and Armenia takes the credit of having patronized these precious species. These mouflon decline due to loss of habitat  [...]
  • Band-e-Amir Afghanistan National Park

    Posted in Asia | January 10, 2012
    Afghanistan has its own share environmental regions and green zones that make it a worthwhile place to be in if you are in search of national parks and wildlife zones in this part of the world.  The Wildlife Conservation Society , the United States Agency for International Development, has in fact appreciated the efforts of the Afghanistan national Environment Protection Agency which established the country’s first internationally national park. The main funding was given by USAID which encouraged the creation of the park with the help of Wildlife Conservation Society which conducted the wildlife surveys here. The park’s boundaries and limitations were marked and the local communities and provincial governments also contributed  [...]
  • Makalu National Park

    Posted in Asia | January 3, 2012
    The Makalu Barun national park is a beautiful region of verdant expanse found in the country of Nepal, located amidst the background of the Himalayan ranges. Found in the year 1992, this is a great extension of the Sagarmatha national Park on the eastern side. Spanning over an area of around 1500 square kilometers, this lies in the Solukhumbu and the Sankhuwasaba districts of Nepal region. The Makalu National park has the dubious distinction of being the only protected zone in the entire world which has an elevation of more than 8000 m. there is a tropical forest that enclosed it and the snow capped peaks only add to the beauty of the entire area. The national park lies at a close proximity of the international border with Tibet. So the northern  [...]
  • Chitwan National Park Travel Guide and Attractions

    Posted in Asia | December 27, 2011
    Visit this treasure of natural wonders –The Chitwan National Park. With the best location in the south central portion of Nepal, this expanse of around 932 sq. km of beautiful subtropical verdant lowland of the Terai region of Nepal is a great wildlife zone. With the background of the Tikauli forest and the beautiful Rapti River flowing through this lovely land stretching across the foothills of the Mahabharat, this is a lovely wildlife area that was declared the Mrigakunja in the year 1959. The River Rapti’s area was segregated in the year 1963, and it was deemed a sanctuary for the rhinoceros. This was then the country’s first National Park in the year 1973. Then there was another area of around 750 square kilometres that was a buffer  [...]
  • Sagarmatha National Park A UNESCO heritage wonder

    Posted in Asia | December 20, 2011
    With a plethora of glaciers, mountains and valleys, the Sagarmatha national Park comes across as a great haven for the wildlife in the region of Nepal. With the background of the majestic Mt. Everest, the species in this national park include the snow leopard and the very rare Panda. This national park located at the highest tip of the surface of the earth is famous for being a great adventure spot and also a reglious hub. Traversed by the Rivers Dudh Koshi the entire park has the Great Himalayan ranges in the north, with the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China also included here, and goes up to Monjo in the south. With the beautiful landscape which has lovely cut valleys, glaciers and young mountains, the place is a hub for sedimentary rocks  [...]
  • Mudumalai: A gateway to Heaven

    Posted in Asia | December 13, 2011
    Fly to Coimbatore or go by train to Udhagamandalam or to Mysore or just take the National Highway 212 to Gundlupet or the National Highway 67 to Teppakadu. Whatever the mode of transport, reaching Mudumalai is not difficult and is worth the journey. For here in Mudumalai National Park lies the famous tiger reserve and the pristine wildlife sanctuary. Set against the background of the Nilgiri Hills, Mudumalai boasts of greenery only an ignorant person would want to dispute about.  Lying around 160 km to the northwestern part of Coimbatore, Mudumalai actually means the first hills. One of the first Indian wildlife sanctuaries the Mudumalai sanctuary has 5 ranges. They are the Nellakota, the Mudumalai, the Kargudi, the Masinagudi and the Thepakadu. Famous  [...]
  • When Nepal Tourism gets wild – The Bardia National Park

    Posted in Asia | December 6, 2011
    Who doesn’t want to go wild with enjoyment and pleasure in life? And if it is in the virgin surroundings of Nepal, it would be hard to find one tourist who would not want to experience it. So while in Nepal, you are offered the best by Nepal tourism. Whether it is the landmark monument or the beautiful temples here, whether it is the tradition or the culture of the place, Nepal comes across as a pleasant surprise in this corner of the world. Ensconced in the Siwalik Hills, the country of Nepal also gives you the best kind of wildlife not only because of its surroundings and but also due to the natural vegetation found here. The Bardia National Park is one such place that is on the list of Nepal tourism sites to visit. Founded in the year 1988,  [...]