Burmese Python – Dangerous Beauty

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Burmese pythons have a beautiful pattern of skin. Their growth rate is rapid, and their disposition is generally docile. Among reptile owners, they are known as a large snake of choice. These giant constrictors receive poor care and treatment. They are often released in the wild. Occasionally, there may be attacks on handlers, which can be life-threatening in some cases.

The Burmese python is native to the forests and swamps of Southeast Asia. They are one of the largest snake species in the world. They have the ability to reach 23 feet in length. They can weigh up to 200 pounds. Their girth is as large as a telephone pole.

Young pythons spend the majority of their times in the trees. Climbing trees becomes difficult as they grow in size and weight. They then dwell in the ground. In addition, they excel at swimming. They can remain under water for close to 30 minutes.

Burmese pythons are carnivores in nature. They survive predominantly on birds and small mammals. Their eyesight is poor. They catch prey with the help of chemical receptors present in their tongues. Their jaws are equipped with heat sensors. They kill their prey through constriction.

A Burmese python grasps its prey with sharp teeth and coils its body around them. It squeezes the prey till suffocation. Their jaws have stretchy ligaments, which allows them to swallow the entire prey in one go.

Burmese pythons live solitary lives. They are seen with their mates during spring. Female pythons lay up to 100 eggs. They let them incubate for a period of two or three months. In order to provide warmth for their eggs they contract and shiver their mammoth muscles.

There has been a lot of demand for Burmese pythons in the pet world. Their habitat is also fast declining. They have been hunted extensively for their skin and flesh. These factors have made the Burmese python an endangered species.

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