Bwindi Forest Reserve In Uganda: A Wonderful Gorilla Trekking Experience

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Bwindi forest reserve in Uganda is the most popular destination for viewing and interacting with gorillas.

Bwindi forest reserve is a green exotic locale blessed with flora and fauna of nature, is inhabited by rare species of birds flying above and colourful butterflies, and the mighty gorillas.

Gorillas are endangered animals, with just 780 mountain gorillas left on this planet place, and half of them are found in the natural surroundings of Bwindi reserve forests. Gorillas are fiercely protected here in Bwindi forests as predators and hunters are always on look to kill and hunt. There are all safety measures taken to protect the gorillas so that they can live in wild forest reserve of Bwindi in harmony with the nature and human beings.

Bwindi forest
Gorillas here are fun loving creatures and they have all the traits of human beings and love to interact with visitors and you may watch them at a distant by taking a guided tour of Bwindi reserves and after a long trip in the forests you will encounter a group of gorillas and the experience of watching them will be exhaling and refreshing. The rough terrain in the reserves will from a formidable back drop to your journey and encounter with the gorillas.

To enjoy your interaction with gorillas keep your conversations at Africa low levels and you will be thrilled at hear the roars and grunts or snoring of the gorillas.

Bwindi forest reserve

The gorillas have a huge diet of flowers, leaves, fruits and bamboo shoots, and have funny movements and imposing body language to intimidate you, but they are the most loving animals in this planet and the trip to Bwindi forest reserve will be an eye opener for you.

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