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Wildlife has never ceased to interest the tourists and it is only a nature enthusiast who would wriggle his travels to those parts of the world which would give the most fascinating travel delights.

The latest news is that the Olive ridley turtles have arrived in the Gahirmatha Beach in the state of Orissa and they have laid eggs and this has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and delight by the nature lovers. The forest officials are also equally excited about this. There is supposed to be an estimated 46,000 female turtles which were found digging pits on the nesting ground that is mainly for the laying of eggs as per the forest officials.

Olive Ridley Turtles

This year the number of visiting turtles is on the decline yet there are around 5 lakh turtles that are seen to come here to the Gahirmatha beach. This is the region that is on the coast of bay of Bengal and is supposed to be one of the worlds largest nesting ground of the turtles.

Forest officials are hoping that the turtles would visit in large numbers and they would grow in the coming few days. The climatic condition is quite good for the visiting turtles and the topography is also ideal.

There were around 500 turtles that were sighted recently. More than 24,000 turtles dug up their pits to lay their eggs . The mass nesting would continue for a week more till the end of March 2012.

Tiger News

There is lot of news on the tiger front. There were three tigers that were found amongst the 69 animals that were killed in the region of Chattisgarh and the state government has invested more than Rs. 116 crore on maintaining the tigers.

There were many cases of poaching and the state has awakened to this fact and stopped the way tigers are being killed. The forest department has made sure that there are patrols which safeguard the animals from getting poached.


The forest department has also expended a lot on the maintenance of tigers and has spent more than Rs. 3 crore since the year 2009 in the development of the region. So the existence of the first ever crocodile park in the district of Janigir Champa is a great valuable destination here. However the sad part is that around six crocodiles have died in the past few years.

Mysterious Black Cat in Sundarbans

As we go deeper into the mangroves of Sunderban you would be intrigued by the mystique that this land provides you with and the camera has captured more than 18 Bengal tigers outside the main area of the forests of mangrove trees. But the cameras have also managed to obtain the photos of a never before seen cat . This could a totally different feature for the entire wildlife enthusiast and is surely a cherishable moment for all the wildlife lovers.

Black Cat

This is a cat that belongs to a totally different species and is one with a long tail. The Sunderbans incidentally is the only reserve for tigers where leopards were never sighted. Now that the cat has been sighted it is making great news. The cat is bigger than a wild cat and smaller than a leopard. It is believed to be a melanistic leopard cat and is a rare specimen surely in the animal world. Normally in leopards there are two kinds of genes that determine whether the colour of th animal is yellow with black spots or whether it would completely black. The black cat comes from the totally black gene.

This jungle cat was found during the time the tigers were being photographed which was held outside the reserve area.

Sparrow News

Sparrows are viewed as a symbol for ecological conservation but the bird lovers are anxious that the environmental factors could result in the dwindling numbers of the sparrow. Ecologists have advised everyone that these social birds nest in niches and corners and also in human settlements. If there is no awareness about the sparrows they could be hounded by the vultures.


News on animals always is good for the nature enthusiast and also for the rest of the world.

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