National Park Service: Savior of National Parks

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The National Park Service, or NPS, is a United States of America’s federal agency. National Park Service manages all national parks and many of the national monuments along with areas that have title designations for historical or conservation properties.

National Park Service was created on 25th August in the year 1916, when the Senate and Congress gave an approval through the National Park Service Organic Act. National Park Service is under the jurisdiction of Federal Government of the United States, also an agency of United States Department of the Interior. And National Park Service headquarter is in Washington DC.

It is a federal executive department, who is headed by Secretary of the Interior. Secretary of the Interior is a Cabinet officer. He is nominated by the President and has to have a confirmed by the Senate. Officers selected for the direct management of National Park Service is delegated by the Secretary of the Interior, and it’s given to National Park Service Director who is also nominated by Senate.

National Park Service, signed by President Woodrow Wilson, its first establishment was of Yellowstone National Park which was itself established by the Act on March 1 in year 1872 which was signed by President Ulyss S. Grant, to be the first National Park in United States. With the start of Yellowstone National Park today National Park Service has some 400 units of National Parks today. On 25th August 2016 it shall celebrate hundred years of completion.

National Park Service’s Mission:

The National Park Service main mission is preservation of unimpaired natural and cultural resources. National Park Service values the National Park System and ensures its availability for the education and enjoyment. But most important National Park Service workings are done for inspiration of conserving the National Parks and as well as saving these gems for future generations. The National Park Service along with partners cooperates for extending the benefits of cultural and natural resources conservation along with outdoor recreational activities throughout United States and also throughout the world. The National Park Service is responsible for sixteen of the nineteen World Heritage Sites in the United States.

National Park System:

The National Park System contains 390 areas which are called “units” that are covering some 84 million acres. These units or areas are national parks, monuments, historical parks, military parks, battlefields, historic sites, scenic rivers, lakeshores, trails and recreation areas and even the White House.

National Park Service Employment:

The National Park Service is employing approximately 20,000 diverse professionals who are permanent or temporary, and some are even seasonal. Along with these there are assistants Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs): 140,000 and they donate over 5 million hours in each year.

The First National Park Service Director was Stephen Mather who joined the post on May 16 till 1917 January 8, 1929. He was the eminent person in the formation of National Park Service. The current and eighteenth National Park Service Director is Jonathan Jarvis who joined the office on September 24, 2009.

Headquarters: Main Interior Building (MIB)
& 1201 Eye Street, NW
Washington, D.C.
Employees in 2007:
15,828 permanent,
1,256 temporary,
2,984 seasonal
Annual budget: of 2009 is $2.924 billion

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