Sundarbans National Park

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Sundarbans National Park, a tiger’s land, at the southern seaward tip of West Bengal, is located in a thick jungle of mangrove infested trees and a biodiversity, where the famous Bengal tiger rules and commands respect.

The Sundarbans tiger land is a reserve land of 4264 square km, and has been declared as a world heritage site, to protect the tigers. According to the last survey conducted there are about 250 tigers in this wild life park, and are protected and preserved by the ever vigilant security guards.

Sundarbans National Park

The tigers in the Sundarbans are reputed to be man eaters and their prime target is the honey collectors who put their life at risk to work at beehives, and on an average about 100 people are killed in a year in this wild life by the tigers who inhabit here in extremely tough climatic conditions and it is believed that the saline water consumed by the tigers here is the main reason for these tigers to be ferocious and man eating animal.

The flora and fauna of this wild life reserve will mesmerize you with different kinds of species of birds and animals like crocodiles, deer, mammals, and snakes like cobra and other reptiles found here in abundance.

Sundarbans National Park travel guide Sundarbans National Park travel guide

Trikona Point is the favourite spot marked her in the jungles to have a glimpse of the tigers and their way of life. The tigers dominate even the narrow creek which connects the Sundarbans land, where the boatmen survive only because of miracles and their own cunning and divine grace and there is nothing to protect them from the tigers. The visitors to this reserve travel by boats are awed at the sheer courage of the boatmen in Sundarbans and appreciate the nature and its blessings and curses, and cross the watery world against the brevity of human life, when faced with the tigers.

Sundarbans National Park tourist places

In the creeping silence of the eerie reserves the tigers rule the wild life in Sundarbans.

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