Wildlife Ecstasies from Mashatu Game Reserve

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Situated in the Botswana region in northern part of the Tuli Game Reserve, the Mashatu Game Reserve is a great travel destination for those who visit this part of South Africa. This is a great way of spending travel time in the continent of Africa and the expanse of space and vastness of the regions completely mesmerizes the tourists. There is a variety of wildlife here and so you could find the best of travel memories here in this part of the world.

Enjoy the adventurous spirits here and go on those long safaris on horse back. The walks in the wilderness and the cycling safaris here ensure you have the best time of your life and the simple feeling of seeing the big African cats is something truly cherishable. Also see the largest mammal in the world the elephants which are found in plenty in the Mashatu Research programme.

Mashatu game reserve

The camp experience here in the Mashatu Game Reserve is something that ensures that the tourist is completely fed with the right dose of thrill and adventure. The main criteria being relaxation, people love to come here just to enjoy the luxury of the Mashatu Main Camp. The Mashatu Tent Camp is also a greatly popular experience here in this beautiful wild paradise in Africa.

There are safari vehicles which wander about here in this region bring you closer to the innermost beauty of Africa and the entire experience seems to come alive with the excitement and adventure that is so much a part of life here in the Mashatu Game Reserve.

With the African Elephant, the Giraffe, the Lion, the Eland, the Baobab tree, the Kori Bustard and the Ostrich making up the animal population, Mashatu is thus a great land of visual delights. A
round 75000 acres of land form a fantastic habitat for these animals and it is thus no wonder that the tourist here gets the most fascinating wildlife experience.

Wildlife in nature

The Loxodonta Africana or the African Elephant is a favourite of this reserve and around 10 to 50 of them are seen in herds here. Also the fact that the elephants trunk can hold upto 15 litres of water makes it easier for it to survive here.

Then there is the Panthera Leo or the lion which is incidentally the largest African cat. These are nocturnal creatures and are thus very active at night. Very social by nature, the pride of lions sometimes goes up to twenty.

Wildlife of  africa

Then you have the giraffes here which are magnificently huge animals with a great sense of hearing, smell and sight. Moving at a speed of around 50km/hour they look beautiful with their horns and tongues that reach upto a length of around 45 cm. With blotchy black or yellow coats and there is a certain unique pattern to each giraffe. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the sights of the most beautiful giraffes. It is interesting to see how the females and their young ones live in herds of maternal groups and the male giraffe remain separate from their mothers. They are found to exist in a bachelor herd initially and then become independent gradually.

Then there is the sight of the Baobab tree which really is a great fascination for all those who visit the Mashatu Game Reserve. The tree grows up to a height of around 25 metres and lives for more than thousand years. The tree remains without leaves for around nine months in the year and when it does have leaves, the sight of the 12 cm long leaf is a treat for the tourist.

wildlife animals in africa

With facilities for horse safari, mountain bike safari, cycling, walking, and cultural tours, the Mashatu Game Reserve is a must see in wildlife travels in Africa.

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