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  • African Elephant Facts

    Posted in Africa | April 13, 2010
    Out of the wood appears a massive beast, with tusks protruding like spears and a trunk resembling a tree.  Its ears flap wildly while the small amber eyes burn with unsparing firmness.  It trumpets and begins to charge. This is in a nutshell an African elephant. African elephant (loxodonta africana) is the largest living land mammal that inhabits places that have adequate food, in the form of grass, and water. These massive animals are known as Tembo or ndovu in Swahili. The general life span of the African elephants is between 60-70 years. Size: African elephants are much bigger in size than Asian Elephants. Males stand 12 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh between 12,000 and 15,000 pounds while females stand 9.8 feet high and weigh  [...]