Etosha National Park – dominated by Etosha Pan

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Etosha National Park is actually a national park that is located within the Kunene Region in the northwestern areas of Namibia. This park shares its boundaries with the areas of Oshikoto, Oshana, as well as Otjozondjupa.

In addition the Etosha Gates are been named as Otjovasandu Gate, Namutoni Gate, Anderson Gate, as well as Von Lindequist Gate.

Etosha National Park was foremost established in the year 1907, as soon as Namibia was been acknowledged as a German colony that was identified as South West Africa. In addition at that particular time, the original area of almost 100,000 sq km(38,500 sq mile) of the park had made it famous as the largest game reserve in the world. Owing to changes in its political front, since its innovative establishment, this park is at the present faintly less than almost a quarter of the original area, on the other hand this park still remains an extremely huge as well as momentous area wherein wildlife is sheltered.

Fauna and flora

This park is been dominated by Etosha Pan. This salt pan desert is more or less 130 km in its length as well as its breath is around 50 km in various places. This salt pan is frequently dried out, on the other hand fills by means of water for a short time in the months of summer, as well as it attracts the pelicans as well as flamingos above all. Perennial springs are a magnet for a diversity of animals as well as birds all the way through the year, which includes the Black Rhinoceros, who are in danger of extinction as well as the widespread Black-faced Impala.

All through the arid season, winds that blow across this salt pan pick up the saline dust as well as carry it all across the whole country as well as out above the southern Atlantic. This enrichment of salt provides various minerals to the downwind of the soil pan on which the park’s wildlife depends, despite the fact that the salinity as well creates faces to farming.

In addition the Etosha Pan was regarded as one of numerous sites all the way through southern Africa within the Southern African Regional Science Initiative (the SAFARI 2000). By means of aircraft, satellites, as well as ground-based data as of sites for instance Etosha, and partners in the program composed an extensive assortment of data on land cover, aerosols, as well as various other attributes of the terrain as wekk as atmosphere for studying and understanding the interactions among people as well as the natural surroundings.

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