Grand Canyon National Park: Rocky Kingdom on earth

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On earth, if there is grandeur of rock and stones, plethora of natural beauty and majesty of flora and fauna the name which is epitome of these excellence is none other then rocky splendor ‘Grand Canyon National Park’.  Proclaiming it as ‘Rocky kingdom on earth’, a 277 river miles long, some one mile deep and average of ten miles wide, Grand Canyon acclaimed as one of the wonders of natural world.

As the name Grand Canyon National Park, its truly stand by it, with such grand and great chasm carved, with awe inspiring view. Carvings that have taken millennia, on the rocks of Colorado Plateau, a gift that surpass and outdo what all we experience. It’s absolutely beautiful and such a mammoth, which makes us bow our head in front of it, and humble us. A man, known to be king, pharaoh and emperor, this timelessness of Grand Canyon National Park shows us our short existence in front of its gift of its age’s old beauty. In the vast spaces, pleasuring ground whether we hike the trails, explore on the roads, float in currents of tumultuous Colorado River or when we need solace there it is away from hectic lives the gift given to us by our past generations to find solitude, peace and quaintness. The six million years of erosion rather carving that’s been happening since four geological eras, a thrilling trip back in time for a powerful landscape that overwhelms our senses. Millions of visitors have feasted their eyes here, tried the Grand Canyon for all sorts of adventures and journeyed this mind blowing place.

President Benjamin Harrison in 1893 established Grand Canyon National Park as a forest reserve but it was Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 that set it aside as National Monument. In 1919 Congress gave its official park status. Located in Arizona, it’s an oldest park on United States, covering the area 1,902 mi² (4927 km²) of unincorporated area in Mohave County and Coconino County. Considered as one of the major natural wonders of the world, UNESCO has declared it as World Heritage Site.

Grand Canyon is gorge formed of Colorado River, extremely rugged, some places are remote, and The Grand Canyon is extensive system made up of tributary canyons.  A great combination, Grand Canyon is huge size, deepness, and the expose layering of multihued rocks which are dating back to Precambrian times. Created through the scratches of the Colorado River and its many tributaries, its taken ages as the Colorado Plateau was uplift and the Colorado River system which has developed as you can see today.

The National Park Service, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Xanterra South Rim, L.L.C. and the Grand Canyon Association, have come together to and work in to provide a unforgettable experience for guests to Grand Canyon.

Flora and Fauna:

Home to indigenous life of diverse and variety of desert and mountain environments, Grand Canyon National Park has diverse wildlife well supported along with variety of plants.

  • piÃon pine
  • Utah juniper trees,
  • shrubby cliff rose
  • sagebrush
  • ponderosa pine
  • Gambel oak.
  • Baby white asters
  • yellow sunflowers
  • golden western wallflowers
  • orange globemallow
  • fern bush
  • Cacti
  • Engelmann’s prickly pear
  • beavertail cactus
  • grizzly bear cactus
  • whipple cholla
  • yucca
  • tamarisk
  • Fremont cottonwood
  • large tassel-eared Abert squirrel
  • Kaibab squirrel
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Coyotes
  • Ringtail cat
  • Mule deer
  • Bobcats
  • Mountain lions
  • Wild turkeys
  • Ten types of hawks and eagles
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Golden eagle
  • Chuckwalla
  • Short-horned lizard
  • Collared lizard
Sight Seeing:

Grand Canyon Village will be a good starting point for exploring:

  • The Rim Trail
  • Hermit Rest
  • Pipe Creek Vista
  • Desert View Drive
  • Yavapai Observation Station
  • Bright Angel Trail and Bright Angel Lodge
  • El Tovar Hotel
  • Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter designed: Hopi House, Bright Angel Lodge
  • Lookout Studio
  • Phantom Ranch
  • Bright Angel Creek
  • Desert View Watchtower
  • Verkamp’s Curios
  • Kolb Studio of Ellsworth and Emery Kolb
  • Grand Canyon Railway
The South Rim Drives:

Major canyon viewpoints and historic features:

  • Hermit Road
  • Hopi
  • Maricopa
  • Pima
  • Abyss
  • Great Mojave Wall
  • Tonto Platform
  • Powell Point
  • Orphan Mine
  • Hermits Rest
  • Desert View Drive
  • Yaki Point
  • Grandview Point
  • Horseshoe Mesa
  • Moran Point
  • Tusayan Ruin and Museum
  • Desert View
  • Vermilion Cliffs
  • San Francisco Peaks
  • Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter’s Watchtower
  • The Inner Canyon
  • Bright Angel
  • South Kaibab trails
  • Phantom Ranch
  • Bright Angel Campground
  • whitewater ride
Day Trips:
  • Painted Desert
  • Navajo Indian Reservation
  • Monument Valley
  • Sunset Crater Volcano
  • Walnut Canyon
  • Wupatki National Monuments
  • Flagstaff.
  • Navajo Falls

  • Havasu Falls
  • Mooney Falls
  • Beaver Falls
Forest/Natural Area:
  • Tuweep
  • Havasupai
  • Mather Campground
  • Desert View Campground
  • Trailer Village
  • The North Rim Campground
  • DeMotte Campground
  • Jacob Lake Campground
  • Ten-X Campground
  • Widforss Trail
  • Rim Trail
  • Bright Angel Trail
  • South Kaibab Trail
  • Hermit Trail
  • Grandview Trail
  • Bright Angel Point Trail
  • Transept Trail
  • Bridle Trail
  • North Kaibab Trail
  • Ken Patrick Trail
  • Uncle Jim Trail
  • Arizona Trail
  • Cape Royal Trail
  • Cliff Springs Trail
  • Cape Final Trail
  • Roosevelt Point Trail
  • Point Imperial Trail
  • Beamer Trail
  • Boucher Trail
  • Clear Creek Trail
  • New Hance Trail
  • Escalante Route
  • Esplanade Route
  • Royal Arch Route
  • Plateau Point Trail
  • North Bass Trail
  • Nankoweap Trail
  • South Bass Trail
  • Tanner Trail
  • Thunder River Trail
  • Deer Creek Trail
  • Dripping Springs Trail
  • Waldron Trail
  • River Trail
  • Bill Hall Trail
  • Havasupai Trail
  • Lava Falls Trail
  • South Canyon Trail
  • Tonto Trail
  • Tuckup Trail
  • Comanche Point Trail
  • East Horseshoe Mesa Trail
  • Powell Saddle Trail
  • Tusayan Ruin Walk

“Do nothing to mar its grandeur for the ages have been at work upon it and man cannot improve it. Keep it for your children, your children’s children, and all who come after you…” Theodore Roosevelt

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, it explains and signifies the Grand Canyon National Park. During the visit, it is requested, please keep in mind, the very importance, adhere to rules and give respect to the park’s fragile resources. This has to be done by each and everyone so that your children and their children can have the same chance to take pleasure in the park in the years to come.

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