Tsavo National Park – largest national park in Kenya

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Tsavo National Park with a total area of nearly 22,000 sq kms, is regarded as the largest national park in Kenya as well as one of the largest national in the world. Owing to its huge size this park was been split into two parks the first one being Tsavo West as well as the second being the Tsavo East, intended for the easier administration. In addition Tsavo National Park is the idyllic destination meant for people who are seeking solitude as well as privacy with the probability for exploring the wilderness.

By means of its proximity to the city of Mombasa (located at a distance that is less than around 100 km) it is in addition a great option for safari for all those who are staying on the coastline or else all those who have plans for relaxing on the beaches of Kenya subsequent to a dusty safari. Tsavo National Safari in addition combines well by means of the Amboseli National Park which is located in close proximity.

Tsavo West National Park

The Tsavo West National Park is enclosed in the volcanic cones, lava flows, and rocky outcrops. The northern region of Tsavo West is regarded as the most developed regions in terms of the lodges as well as transportation moreover has magnificent scenery by means of a rising and falling volcanic setting carpeted in elongated grass as well as dense bush.

The tall vegetation in the region makes spotting of the game at this juncture a little trickier when compared with a few of the various other parks. In addition the Big Five are easily found in this park together with a superior range of the antelope species. Moreover the main attractions of this park are the 2 huge waterholes, which is been built by means of the lodges to essentially promise that their visitors will be pleasured to magnificent game viewing.

Tsavo East National Park

Transversely the highway from the Tsavo West National Park is Tsavo East National Park. Renowned for its huge numbers of the elephant as well as extravagant herds of almost 1000 buffalo, Tsavo East National Park has additional open savannah when compared with its western sibling.

The scrub-enclosed hills of the south region park have an exceptionally far-off feel and this park; in spite of its grand game by no means attract huge numbers of the tourists. In addition the best viewing of game is by the side of the watercourses as well as at the Kanderi marsh, which is by no way far-flung from the foremost Voi gate. At a distance of 30 kms from the main gate is the renowned Aruba Dam as well as lion are generally spotted around at this juncture.

For countless years barely the southern third of this park was been kept open to the general public as of the danger that is been posed by the poachers, as well as visitors were expected to bump into the carcasses of tusk less elephants. All through the earlier period this park was rigid hit by the poachers who had slaughtered the horrifying numbers of the elephant, rhino, and various other species.

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  1. Bella says:

    Tsavo West National Park is the largest and the most valued park all over the world..It is populous and has large areas for animals and birds..Recently its wildlife has been under threat from poachers..The animals need to be protected from game playing..

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