How Whale Power Corporation Developed Enhanced Fan Blades?

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A US Biologist Frank fish saw a hunchbacked structure of a whale in a gift shop. He was shocked and perplexed to find bumps on the wrong side-the front edge of flipper. Frank fish started thinking if this posture of the sculpture was right then one of the cardinal and most important lesions of mechanics is wrong, as till that point it was believed that a smooth leading edge reduces the drag.

However Fish discovered that the humpbacks flipper bumps, termed as –TUBERCLES – improve lift, mobility and performance. This news came as a pleasant surprise to him.

Today Whale Power Corporation in Ontario, Canada develops and markets tubercle enhanced fan blades that have the capacity to move 25 percent more air then the conventional fan blades while using 20 % less electricity.

How Whale Power Corporation Developed Enhanced Fan Blades

This is a huge gain, to protect our environment, as fans are used all over the world in ventilation, air conditioning, computer servers and by wind farms.

Thanks to the whales we found a new technology to save our environment and energy.

This news was utilised at the opportune moment and the information was assimilated and processed. It was later on channelized to be useful for improving our lifestyle. This is what is termed as progressive and constructive thinking. This is a boon to mankind, just like the tubercle enhanced fan blades.

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