Posted in North America | July 22, 2010

The earliest form of wildlife management perhaps came in the form of Noah’s Ark.

It took years after that, however, for governments and nations around the world to understand the need for wildlife management.

The American Wildlife Regulations were set in place by around the early 1600s. The continent, however, saw a rapid decline in the number of animal species by the time around half of the 19th century had passed it by.

Many private organizations came forward in the 20th century and volunteered to take up the responsibility of wildlife conservation and they made international efforts to manage the natural resources at hand.

The Wildlife Experience is one such endeavor that looks at contributing to the entire platform of global conservation.


The museum is located around 10 miles south of Denver and lies at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Peoria Street.

The entire Wildlife Experience museum experience is one of educational coupling up with entertainment. Visitors get a chance to connect with wildlife and their habitats; and all this is done in an interactive, fun environment.

There is what can only be called a unique blend of facilities – right from natural history to community educational programs and events; fine art to interactive exhibits and a large format film.

This museum that has a tag line that states ‘More Than a Museum’ stays true to its tag. The Museum presents people with an opportunity to learn about the various ecosystems and the wildlife of the world. All this can be done in an environment that supports and encourages discovery. Visitors are engulfed in fun and entertainment while they’re at the museum.


The Wildlife Experience Museum wishes to instill respect for wildlife and habitat amongst people. It takes the efforts to create an environment where in the generations to come will also be well equipped with information about interactive and educational experiences.


There are a number of methods that can be used to learn about wildlife while here at the museum. The most popular of them all is when large format films are screened at what is called the Extreme Screen Theater. School tours happen here on a regular basis; and the children can also indulge in ‘Meet the Artist’ programs which make for an increase in their need for interaction and their ability to better understand the exhibits that they see around them.


The Globeology, which opened in the year 2009, has turned into the cornerstone of the mission that the museum always had. The 25,000 square foot exhibition is permanent in nature and aims at scientifically accurate ‘touches’ with nature.

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