Pench National Park – good place to see Langurs in their way

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Pench National Park – Location:

In the regions of Seoni as well as Chhindwara districts, this is located in the southern provinces of Madhya Pradesh. In addition the nearest located airport is Nagpur, almost at a distance of 93 kms (around 58 miles) from this park. Moreover the township of Seoni, almost at a distance of 19 km (around 12 miles) away, has the nearest railhead to this park.

Pench National Park – Climate:

The months of summer are scorching (the maximum temperature is around 43°C; 110°F) whilst the months of winter are exceptionally cold (the minimum temperature is around 4°C; 39°F).

Best time to visit Pench National Park:

Even though the months of summer are extremely hot, the span between March and June, is regarded as the best time to visit Pench National Park for seeing wildlife. In addition the time between the months of November and February are pleasing.

Pench National Park – Getting there:

Pench reserve is located on the National Highway No.7 (NH7) that connects the cities of Nagpur and Jabalpur. Any automobile is crucial in this park; you can hire cars from the cities of Jabalpur, Nagpur, and Seoni. Visitors to the Pench National Park at present are exact wildlife enthusiasts, even though this park is gaining its popularity.

Pench National Park – Facilities:

Numerous rest houses in Forest are positioned within this national park. In addition to this there are no private lodges at this juncture. Moreover you can get cooking facilities if you have any plans for self-catering. In addition tour guides are obligatory for touring this park.

Pench National Park – Wildlife:

The numerous major attractions that are present in this park are the great numbers of the deers as well as antelopes. In addition there are Nilgai, Muntjac, Chital, Chausingha. Moreover you can also notice the Wild Boar as well as Indian Bison. On the other hand the sightings of the tigers in the present day are rare.

In this park you can commonly notice Cheetal, Neelgai, Sambar, who all are busy grazing on the huge open sites by the roadsides as well as banks of the river & the reservoir. If you have a good presence of mind and exceptional eyesight in that case you can easily sight Jackals, who are out there in search of the food anywhere in this park. Moreover the packs of the wild dogs can be seen intermittently. In addition you can also spot Herds of Gaur in close proximity to streams as well as bamboo patches, which are additionally common all through summer months.

At this juncture Langurs are exceptionally common, while Rhesus monkeys might be seen infrequently on the fringes. In addition there are almost 50 Tigers as well as 30 Leopards, on the other hand they are a bit introverted as well as can be seen roaming on the roads as well as in the vicinity of water pools of the river all through summer months. Pench National Park shows off almost 210 species of the birds, which includes quite a lot of migratory ones. Regularly seen here are Red jungle fowl, Pea fowl, Crow pheasant, Redvented bulbul, Crimson breasted barbet, Racket tailed drongo, Lesser whistling teal, Magpie robin.

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