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    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | June 29, 2010
    The entire world was shocked when it happened. Just happening wasn’t enough, it continued, and continued some more. When the Deepwater Horizon explosion happened on the 20th of April, 2010; little did anyone know that this would turn out to be the worst spill in the whole of American history. 2 days later, the rig began sinking and on the 27 of April, the verdict was out – nearly 5,000 barrels per day were leaking into the Gulf, and polluting the water all around. The Gulf Oil Spill Affects Wildlife For those who live along the coastline of Mexico, images of the Gulf Oil debacle will never leave their minds. Pelicans that struggle to get the oil off their bodies, the dead bodies of dolphins that get washed ashore with every new wave,  [...]

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | June 24, 2010
    Dwarf elephants are an extinct species of mammals. They are oft confused with the pygmy elephants that were a common sight in the fauna of South East Asia. The dwarf elephants of the Mediterranean lived in the Pleistocene period, which is approximately 10,000 years before our present day scenario. What gives them their small size? Insular dwarfism may be the primary cause for the size of these elephants. Insular dwarfism is a form of dwarfism, wherein the population’s gene pool gets limited to a very small environment. This is likely to happen on islands. MEDITERRANEAN ISLANDS Fossilized remains of this dwarfed form have been found on the Mediterranean islands; namely Cyprus, Malta, Crete, Sicily, Sardinia, the Cyclades Islands and the Dodecanese  [...]

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | June 22, 2010
    Ever since we were in school, we’d been taught that creatures from the ape family are herbivores who were largely fruit eaters. What if, however, someone was to tell you that Chimpanzees are, in reality, meat eaters as well? I’m sure I’ve gotten a few gasps on this one! As for those of you, who already knew that a little bit of meat is normal for chimps; I’ve got news for you as well. It’s time to rephrase the ‘little’ in the dietary pattern of chimps. As a study done by Jane Goodall suggests, chimpanzees are predators, who hunt for their meals. This observation has shaken up quite a few souls, just like mine! On a tangent, it makes me wonder about all the other things I did learn while in school! How  [...]
  • Ostional National Wildlife Refuge – best place to witness Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles

    Posted in South America | June 18, 2010
    Ostional National Wildlife Refuge was been declared as a refugee for protecting a most important nesting beach designed for the Pacific Ridley Sea Turtles, in addition to the waters offshore as of the shoreline. Quite a lot of times in the year, the female turtles arrive ashore in such a huge numbers that this sandy beach starts to look like an elongate of rocky shoreline. These episodes of group nesting are in the neighborhood mentioned as “arribadas,” or else the arrivals. Moreover one of these numerous events can anytime last from two to almost eight days by means of the majority nesting going on at the hours of darkness. When you talk to the locals, they will inform you that generally the arribadas start on three or else four  [...]
  • Mexican Bobcat

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | June 16, 2010
    The Mexican bobcat is a species of the bobcat as well as is found in the regions of Central Mexico. The Mexican bobcat is frequently puzzled by means of the lynx as it is extremely similar in its appearance; on the other hand the tail is a little darker on the top when compared with that of the lynx. The Mexican bobcat is an average-sized cat by means of a ruff of fur about the sides of its face, which gives the appearance of the sideburns. In addition the adults of bobcats can grow two times as huge as the house cats, which reach more than four feet in length as well as weighs in between 13 and 30 lbs. Moreover the coloration of the coat varies from reddish-brown to light gray. Their coats are in addition wrapped with additional spots than  [...]
  • Etosha National Park – dominated by Etosha Pan

    Posted in Africa | June 14, 2010
    Etosha National Park is actually a national park that is located within the Kunene Region in the northwestern areas of Namibia. This park shares its boundaries with the areas of Oshikoto, Oshana, as well as Otjozondjupa. In addition the Etosha Gates are been named as Otjovasandu Gate, Namutoni Gate, Anderson Gate, as well as Von Lindequist Gate. Etosha National Park was foremost established in the year 1907, as soon as Namibia was been acknowledged as a German colony that was identified as South West Africa. In addition at that particular time, the original area of almost 100,000 sq km(38,500 sq mile) of the park had made it famous as the largest game reserve in the world. Owing to changes in its political front, since its innovative establishment,  [...]
  • Guindy National Park – an abode to the Blackbuck in South India

    Posted in Asia | June 11, 2010
    Guindy National Park is protected region of Tamil Nadu, which located in South India, in Chennai, moreover is regarded as one of the smallest National Parks of India as well as one of the dreadfully few national parks that are situated surrounded by a city. This park is an expansion of the grounds that surrounds Raj Bhavan, which is the official residence for the Governor of Tamilnadu. This park enlarges deep inside the estate of the governor and encloses beautiful forests, lakes, scrub lands, and streams. Guindy National Park – Flora This park has a thorn forest and dry evergreen scrub, grasslands as well as water-bodies with more than 350 kinds of plants, which includes shrubs, herbs, climbers, and grasses as well as more than 24 kinds  [...]
  • Black bears – the most familiar bear in North America

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | June 9, 2010
    Black bears are the most familiar as well as common bears that are found in North America. They characteristically reside in forests as well as are exceptional tree climbers, on the other hand are in addition found in the mountains as well as swamps. In spite of their name, the black bears can be anytime blue-black or else blue-gray, cinnamon, brown, or else even (very infrequently) white. In addition, Black bears are incredibly opportunistic eaters. The majority of their diet takes account of grasses, berries, roots, as well as insects. Moreover they will in addition consume fish as well as mammals, which includes carrion as well as with no trouble develop a tang for the human foods as well as garbage. In addition Black bears that turn out  [...]
  • Fauna in Bardia National Park

    Posted in Asia | June 7, 2010
    Royal Bardia National Park is known to be the leading park that is located in the lowland Terai and cover a total area of almost 968 sq. km. This park is been located in the Western Terai of Nepal and was been established for protecting the representative ecosystems as well as conserve tiger along with its species of prey. In the beginning, an undersized area was been gazette in the year 1976 as the Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve. While this area was been protected, just about 1500 people living in the Babai valley were settled for the second time in the outer surface of this park the permitting the vegetation as well as wildlife to thrive in this park. In the year 1982, this park was been named again as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve, as well  [...]
  • Bandipur National Park – explore the nature at its best

    Posted in Asia | June 4, 2010
    Regarding Bandipur National Park Located in the middle, while traveling downwards on the Mysore-Ooty highway at the point where the arid Deccan Plateau meets with the flourishing crumpled folds of the huge mountains of the Western Ghats. At this particular site, one of the best-known wildlife reserves is India, Bandipur National Park, is located. This park is surrounded by Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka in southern India, as well as the park lies alongside the states of Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu. Endowed by means of a moderate type of weather as well as dissimilar geographical features, this park supports an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, as a result making this park an authentic heaven for the wildlife. In  [...]