Black Buck National Park Adventures

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 Asia is a continent filled with great geographic diversity. Here you can enjoy the best natural habitats as well as well established and modernized urban cities. India is a part of his marvelous continent and India is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and townships which are close to nature. Bhavnagar in Gujarat is one such are which is the home of Black Buck National Park and Gir zone.

A short drive from the town of Bhavnagar will take you in to the world of wild life. The varied wild life is preserved by the sanctuary and mainly compromises of Black bucks and wolves.

Black Buck National Park Black Buck National Park Wildlife

Spotting wild pigs, hares, rodents which are predominantly seen in the savannah type grasslands as well as the thorn scrubs will be the highlights of your visit to Bhavnagar.

Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of lush green jungles and watch Sand grouse and larks in huge numbers here, and if you are lucky you may witness teeming wildlife savoring their morning kill.

Black Buck National Park Black Buck National Park Wildlife

The beautiful and majestic surroundings and over the edge dramatic background of the sanctuary will mesmerize you and you will relish the encounters you will have with the wild life here and enjoy the spectacular sights in the wildlife.

You may then proceed to Sasangir, and visit the Gir Interpretation zone at Devaliya and check out the crocodile breeding farm and enjoy the encounters with home of the Asiatic lion.

Gir Interpretation zone at Devaliya Gir Interpretation zone Wildlife

The wild life here is in midst of dry deciduous forests, acacia scrub and grassland, fed by the rivers and reservoirs. You will enjoy the fauna and flora around the majestic Asian lion, who lives life here king style. Spotting lions will be the highlight of your visit to this wonderland in Asia.

Once here you will feel the presence of the many creations of nature and go back filled with marvel at the wonders of the creator.


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