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  • Jim Corbett National Park, India

    Posted in Asia | April 19, 2011
    Dedicated to the conservation of the most extinct tiger genus called the Bengal Tiger who is also admired the most, the Jim Corbett National Park is the most ancient park of India, which is now almost 75-years old. It has been named so because of the India-born hunter of the same name who later became a conservationist in the repentance of his cruel killings. Nestled today under the shades of the Lower Himalayas, the park actually stretches in the very famous Nainital region of the newly made Uttarakhand state in the north east direction of the country. With its more than 450 plant types as well as 600 animal species, this major eco-tourism spot has been the best weekend gateway of the tourists since the past few decades where not only animals  [...]
  • Tayrona National Park: Beaches + relics + ecosystems

    Posted in South America | April 12, 2011
    South America is actually famous for its adventures, beaches, and archaeological sites. When all these features tend to reside together at one place, it surely becomes a paradise for the lovers of South America. And this is none other than the Tayrona National Park that is located at 34 km and is easily accessible from Magdalena’s Santa Marta. Although it is a national park, it is the home of many archaeological relics, adventurous excursions, and natural gems such as mangrove marshes, corals, cloud forests, algae prairies, and thorny scrubland along with the mysterious flora as well as fauna all offering an indulging day out! Go surfing, sunbathe on the scenic beaches, or feel the soothing comfort of a rented nightly hammock – you are  [...]
  • Chitwan National Park, Nepal

    Posted in Asia | April 1, 2011
    Regarded among the Nepal’s wealthiest as well as healthiest natural wonders, the Chitwan National Park engulfs over 930 sq. km. of the south central Nepal, the inner Terai’s subtropical lowlands to be specific. With the status of the World Heritage Site and the honor of being the first national park of the country, the site since long has remained the third best highlight after Kathmandu valley and trekking. Being so huge, the picture-perfect nature reserve is the home of water marshes, sal forest, and waving grassland. To its north as well as west, the river network of Narayani-Rapti draws a perfect frontier for the human villages, while the east encompasses the Parsa Wildlife Reserve and the south is loaded with the Valmiki National Park  [...]