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  • Dudhwa National Park – come closer to Wilderness

    Posted in Asia | October 18, 2011
    Yes come to the Dudhwa National Park and feel closer to nature. Situated in the sub Himalayan zone between the countries of Nepal and India, in the district of the Lakhimpur Kheri, this lovely location in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India is a part of the Terai belt. If you want to reach Dudhwa National Park from Delhi then you would cross Shajehanpur and Bareilly . It is around 450 km from Delhi. If you are coming from Lucknow then you would cross Lakhimpur and Sitapur. Dudhwa National Park is around 250km from Lucknow. Again from Shajehanpur this park is around 110 km. The vast expanse of around 190 sq km of absolute greenery and the beautiful surroundings of the Kishanpur Wildlife sanctuary which spans over 203 sq km, the total expanse  [...]
  • Garden Of Eden – Melghat Tiger Reserve

    Posted in Asia | October 11, 2011
    Situated on the southern side of the Hill mountains of the Satpura in the central portion of India, lies the Melghat Tiger Reserve. This is also known by the name Gavilgarh hills. There is a high mountain which runs from east to west. The highest point is the Virat peak which is the southern portion of the reserve. This is the main place where the tigers live. With the dry deciduous forest here the main tree is the teak. There are five rivers which drain this region and these are the Dolar, Sipna, Gadga, Khapra and the Khandu. All these are the tributaries of the Tapti River. The River Tapti lies in the northeastern part of the Melghat Reserve. Melghat has a lot of importance with respect to topography and has a rugged landscape. There are  [...]
  • In the land of Wilderness – Nanda Devi National Park

    Posted in Asia | October 5, 2011
    Come and fall in love in India. Fall in love with the flora, the fauna and the beautiful natural surroundings around. Come to Nanda Devi national park and love the beautiful bio diversity here. Come to the second highest mountain range with the best combination of Mother Nature. With the pristine surroundings and the beauty of the idyllic ambience Nanda Devi National Park was found in the year 1980 and has some of the best peaks in this part of western Himalayas. With snow leopards and Himalayan Black bear the main inhabitants here you also have the brown bear, bharal, Himalayan thahr, chir pheasants and the nonal. So when you are anywhere in the western Himalayas don’t miss this beautiful verdant expanse of reserve of wildlife. Spread over  [...]