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  • Exciting adventures at the Moremi Game Reserve

    Posted in Africa | October 23, 2012
    Visit Moremi the best kind of national park in this part of the world in Africa and enjoy the tours here to your heart’s content. This is the first kind of African wildlife reserve that has been an endeavor of the locals. Very environmentally aware and worried about the way the wildlife is depleting in the ancestral regions, the locals decided to stop the uncontrolled hunting and the illegal encroachment of cattle here. So the Ngamialand inhabitants called the Batawana came under the leadership of Mrs. Moremi who was the wife of their chief Moremi. She took the encouraging step to start this fascinating Game Reserve in the year 1963. Voted as the best game reserve in Africa by the African Travel and Tourism Association, the Moremi Game  [...]
  • National Parks in Estonia

    Posted in Europe | October 9, 2012
    Estonia is a lovely gem in the region of Baltic and offers the best opportunity to see a great country that is a portion of the European Union. With Tallinn as the capital ,this is a beautiful country to visit and a lovely medieval locale in this part of the world in Europe. With many fascinating beaches dotting many parts of the country , the beautiful coastline offers ideal tour pleasures to all those who come here. The Baltics are not famous for its warm weather and this is something that all tourists to Estonia should be aware of. The summers are short here and the winters are harsh here. Around 18% of land in Estonia and 30% of the sea waters are marked as protected areas. These are inclusive of landscape and nature reserves, five national  [...]