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  • Sundarbans National Park

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | November 27, 2012
    Sundarbans National Park, a tiger’s land, at the southern seaward tip of West Bengal, is located in a thick jungle of mangrove infested trees and a biodiversity, where the famous Bengal tiger rules and commands respect. The Sundarbans tiger land is a reserve land of 4264 square km, and has been declared as a world heritage site, to protect the tigers. According to the last survey conducted there are about 250 tigers in this wild life park, and are protected and preserved by the ever vigilant security guards. The tigers in the Sundarbans are reputed to be man eaters and their prime target is the honey collectors who put their life at risk to work at beehives, and on an average about 100 people are killed in a year in this wild life by the  [...]
  • Wild Delights from Savuti National park

    Posted in Africa | November 3, 2012
    Come to the beautiful land of Africa and enjoy the wildlife here. Visit Savuti the beautiful land filled with the greatest delights and the ideal travel destination in this part of the world. A major game viewing area this is also called Savuti and spans over 1930 square miles. Lying to the south west of the Chobe National Park, this is surrounded by the Magwikhwe sand ridge. This is around 156 miles long and around 65 feet high. This is actually the ancient shoreline of a lake that spread over the northern part of Botswana. It is really unimaginable how this dry land was actually a part of a region that was below an inland sea. The River Linyanti is said to have fed the land earlier and today the dry Savuti Marsh is a great part of the Mababe  [...]