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  • The Bar Tailed Godwit Bird Navigation System

    Posted in News, Wildlife A-Z | January 8, 2013
    The latest discovery will jolt all the modern day devices of navigation, and the new navigational device to reckon with is- the bar tailed godwit’s navigational system. Wild life creatures fascinate with their movements, features, characteristics and style. The Bar Tailed Godwit Bird undertakes one of the most marvellous and amazing migrations ever witnessed by mankind. The birds 7,000 miles (11000 km) journey can last for more than approximately eight days. Researchers believe that a couple of bird’s species make use of the magnetic field of the earth in order to navigate, just like they had a compass built within their brain. There is also a likelihood that the Godwit also navigates with the help of the sun during the day and with the  [...]
  • Hunting Adventure At Sherman

    Posted in News | January 1, 2013
    Sherman, Texoma, a small picturesque city was in the limelight recently. Sherman is well known for its hog hunters and local hunters and a national television channel- animal planet decided to make a film on hunting of the wild boar. The entire hunting operation was shot and will be televised in the first week of New Year. The local hunters got a break when the animal planet had seen them in action hunting for wild boars and this time they decided to shoot the thrilling, exciting, dramatic encounter for a show- “Eating the Enemy”, a show based on the concept – to hunt the rare invisible species and turn them in delicacies. The local restaurant owners also participated in this hunt and finally hunted down a wild hog, which are prone to  [...]