Blackpool Zoo Has Aged Beautifully

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The Blackpool zoo is one zoo that I know has definitely come of age. It was set up in the year 1972, by the Blackpool Council. In today’s age and date, it is owned by Parques Reunidos. Located just a couple of miles off the sea-front of Blackpool; this zoological garden boasts of about 1500 exotic animals. This is far cry from the original herd of about 12 animals that the officials began with. The zoo sits close to the Stanley Park and is said to boast of an extremely esteemed collection of reptiles, animals and even exotic birds.

Dinosaur Safari:

This is perhaps one of the biggest and unique-most selling points of the Blackpool Zoo. This safari ride will take you back into history and let you take a peek at how that memorable era went by – the time when these giants roamed the earth.

The safari will take you past the T Rex, and some other inspiring pterodactyls. The amazing part of the safari is the visually mesmerizing enormous volcano that is bursting; and you’ll be taken over currents and even past water geysers that are running. You’d also experience a meteorite crashing into the Earth; and all this has been done to bring the historic past back to life. This dinosaur safari makes for quite an informative experience and will definitely leave kids better informed about these magnificent creatures from the past.

The Pride of Blackpool:

The Blackpool zoo officials take pride in their beautiful pride of lions and lionesses that live here. They have recently refurbished the enclosure with paddocks that are multi surfaced. This has allowed them to work out a special feature in the rocks, which will allow for heating during the months of winter. This would allow the pride to bask in clear air; and keep them comfortable at the same time.

Gorilla Mountain:

The zoo is proud of its prize winning enclosure meant for gorillas. There are 4 adults here at the moment; and they’re free to roam the enclosure while they look for small treats that have been stashed away by the keepers of the zoo. The gorillas looking for the treats do make for an entertaining experience for the visitors; while the gorillas also end up getting their treats. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Recent Additions To The Zoo:

Four of the world’s smallest otters have now been born and are being successfully reared at the zoo. This has happened for the first time in their history. The quartet, made up of four of these tiny Asian Small Clawed Otters, are said to be out and about now. This specie is classified as being ‘vulnerable in the wild’.

Three female lion cubs were also added to the pride of lions this year. This is the first time that lions were born in the zoo, the first time in 25 years. The lioness mother is said to be taking good care of the cubs; and they’re growing well.

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