California National Parks

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There are seven California National Parks.

Golden Gate National Park

Golden Gate National Park is one of the seven California National Parks. The park has chronicled 200 years of history. The park is reminiscent of Native American culture, Spanish Empire Frontier, and the Mexican republic. It has also seen the maritime history, California Gold Rush, evolution of coastal fortifications, and the development of San Francisco.

Joshua Tree National Park

This park offers spectacular views. On close examination, the park reveals a splendid variety of flora and fauna. The land has been shaped by strong winds, torrential rain, and extreme weather. Starry nights and unbelievable geological features make the park more enticing.

Wildflower season commences with the flowering of huge, cream-colored blooms of the Joshua family of trees in February. This is followed by colorful flowers around the park’s southern boundary. In March, the blooming follows increasing temperatures. The flowers of cacti bloom in April or May.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

This park gives you a glimpse into the forces of creation and destruction. The park is located in Lassen’s tranquil mountain forests. The hissing fumaroles and boiling mud pots are exclusive to the park.

In 1915, an eruption of the active volcano destroyed surrounding regions. It also rained volcanic ash 200 miles to the east. The park’s hydrothermal features leave a visitor spellbound.

Lava Beds National Monument

This is a place known for its geological and historical turmoil. Volcanic eruptions over the past half a million years have led to formation of rugged landscapes highlighted by a range of volcanic features. The park is home to at least 700 caves and rock art sites of Native Americans. There are also many historical battlefields and camping sites. The desert wilderness will enthrall you.

Pinnacles National Monument

The park comprises wonderful remains of an ancient volcano. It rises out of the Gabilan Mountains, which lie east of California’s Salinas Valley. There are several huge monoliths, spires, canyons, and talus passages that showcase millions of years of erosion. It has also documented faulting and tectonic movement of the plates.

The monument is a site for the endangered California condor. Birds can be viewed from the hiking trails.

Redwood National Park

By standing at the base of a coast redwood, the bushes of huckleberry tower over you. The prairies are characterized by elegant Roosevelt elk. Also be witness to the tail of the female Chinook salmon. It moves skyward as she builds a nest for the eggs. You can also hear the murrelets’ keer that resounds in the treetops, while they fly from the sea toward their nests.

Yosemite National Park

The period from November to May sees the closure of Tioga Road due to snow. It extends from the Tuolumne Grove, situated east of Crane Flat, to Tioga Pass entrance station. Entering the Yosemite National Park becomes impossible if the Tioga Road is closed.

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