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  • Most popular African lion Safari

    Posted in Africa | April 16, 2010
    When you think about any safari in Africa, the majority of people without delay believe of seeing the imposing lions. By means of the numerous documentaries that are been filmed on this pompous genus, it is by no means any surprise that the people seek out the lion safari in an Africa as soon as they plan an expedition to this remarkable Continent. In addition there are profusion of safaris that are available in the region, moreover the majority of them simply focus on the spotting of the lions, on the other hand the most excellent ones merge this experience by means of tracking various other wildlife as well as exploring the only one of its kind landscape of Africa. The grand African lion has almost nowhere to be found in the region of the  [...]
  • African Elephant Facts

    Posted in Africa | April 13, 2010
    Out of the wood appears a massive beast, with tusks protruding like spears and a trunk resembling a tree.  Its ears flap wildly while the small amber eyes burn with unsparing firmness.  It trumpets and begins to charge. This is in a nutshell an African elephant. African elephant (loxodonta africana) is the largest living land mammal that inhabits places that have adequate food, in the form of grass, and water. These massive animals are known as Tembo or ndovu in Swahili. The general life span of the African elephants is between 60-70 years. Size: African elephants are much bigger in size than Asian Elephants. Males stand 12 feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh between 12,000 and 15,000 pounds while females stand 9.8 feet high and weigh  [...]
  • Wonderful Wolves of Ethiopia

    Posted in Africa | March 18, 2010
    Picture this. Sanetti Plateau among the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia. The mornings could not have been more chilled. The first rays of the sun stir an icy, cold wind instead of warmth. As I tug at my gaiter and move through the frozen grass, I have to remind myself that I am in Africa. Out of nowhere, a wolf appears mere 20 feet away. Daintily, she throws back her head and within seconds a loud cry is uttered that summons four others of the pack. This time, all males. They greet each other by licking the fellow muzzles. Pawing and stretching never seems to stop. Tails continue to wag. It is hard to withdraw the eyes from such a wonderful spectacle. Can you imagine how many colors are adorned on their beautiful bodies? The black and white tails  [...]
  • Safari in Kenya: Iconic Wildlife destination

    Posted in Africa | March 15, 2010
    Africa once known as ‘dark continent’ in it lies the magical beacon of iconic wildlife destination which is none other then the enchanting and spectacular landscape with unspoiled natural surroundings in wildlife. There is no where else on earth that can offer such a great combination of Safari other then Kenya which has mountains, beaches, coral reefs, wildlife and local rich cultures, traditions and customs of old age Masai community along with breathtaking sceneries of the sun rising and setting over mountain peaks, all so much diverse and all together in a platter that will entice and enthrall you. Kenya, history says, here were man’s earliest ancestors may have originated in Turkana which is Northern Kenya some five million years  [...]
  • Kruger National Park

    Posted in Africa | March 12, 2010
    Kruger National Park lies in the heart of Lowveld. This wildlife sanctuary cannot be paralleled. The atmosphere at the park is unique. The wilderness seems to have no boundaries. Experience true African wildlife while at the park. Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve of South Africa. The park is larger than Israel. It is spread over 2 million hectares of land and stretches for 352 km from north to south, along the border of Mozambique. The wildlife experience is sure to touch your heart. The park serves as the flagship for the national parks in the country. It gives you the ultimate African safari experience. It lies across the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, which lie to the north of the country. It is now part of the Great  [...]