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  • Adventures At The Thonga Beach Lodge

    Posted in Africa | April 22, 2013
    Thonga Beach Lodge is an ultimate destination if you love wildlife and wish to indulge in snorkelling and dive in to the exotic world of marine life in Africa. Here you can also bask in the sights of wonderful exotic birds and animals. You will really enjoy particularly if you love elephants, whales or even turtles. The lodge is located inside the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, and is in close proximity to the city of Durban, which is located around 300km away, and the scenic drive can be thrilling and adventurous and you will be amazed to see the green landscape and the wonders of the flora and fauna of the nature. Kosi Bay, Sodwana Bay, Lake Sibaya, the coastal forest, the eastern shores and the western shores of Lake St Lucia, the estuary and  [...]
  • A Kenyan Safari Adventure In Africa

    Posted in Africa | April 6, 2013
    Welcome to the world of wild life by taking a Kenyan safari and have a great time in the wild jungles in the company of elephants, rhinos, buffalos, several species of gazelles and monkeys. Your adventure in the wild life starts with a trip to the Mt. Kenya, the end largest mountain in Africa, straddling the equator and with a dramatic and over the edge back drop of vast slopes cloaked in lush forest and bamboo jungle. After a sumptuous lunch, you may head for the Nyahururu falls, and reach lake Nakuru set in the picturesque landscape of woodland and grassland and then begins the exciting ride to the Baboon Cliff, to get the glimpses of the white rhinos, leopards, pink flamingos, and 400 variety of water birds you may stay overnight at the  [...]
  • Bwindi Forest Reserve In Uganda: A Wonderful Gorilla Trekking Experience

    Posted in Africa | December 26, 2012
    Bwindi forest reserve in Uganda is the most popular destination for viewing and interacting with gorillas. Bwindi forest reserve is a green exotic locale blessed with flora and fauna of nature, is inhabited by rare species of birds flying above and colourful butterflies, and the mighty gorillas. Gorillas are endangered animals, with just 780 mountain gorillas left on this planet place, and half of them are found in the natural surroundings of Bwindi reserve forests. Gorillas are fiercely protected here in Bwindi forests as predators and hunters are always on look to kill and hunt. There are all safety measures taken to protect the gorillas so that they can live in wild forest reserve of Bwindi in harmony with the nature and human beings. Gorillas  [...]
  • Wild Delights from Savuti National park

    Posted in Africa | November 3, 2012
    Come to the beautiful land of Africa and enjoy the wildlife here. Visit Savuti the beautiful land filled with the greatest delights and the ideal travel destination in this part of the world. A major game viewing area this is also called Savuti and spans over 1930 square miles. Lying to the south west of the Chobe National Park, this is surrounded by the Magwikhwe sand ridge. This is around 156 miles long and around 65 feet high. This is actually the ancient shoreline of a lake that spread over the northern part of Botswana. It is really unimaginable how this dry land was actually a part of a region that was below an inland sea. The River Linyanti is said to have fed the land earlier and today the dry Savuti Marsh is a great part of the Mababe  [...]
  • Exciting adventures at the Moremi Game Reserve

    Posted in Africa | October 23, 2012
    Visit Moremi the best kind of national park in this part of the world in Africa and enjoy the tours here to your heart’s content. This is the first kind of African wildlife reserve that has been an endeavor of the locals. Very environmentally aware and worried about the way the wildlife is depleting in the ancestral regions, the locals decided to stop the uncontrolled hunting and the illegal encroachment of cattle here. So the Ngamialand inhabitants called the Batawana came under the leadership of Mrs. Moremi who was the wife of their chief Moremi. She took the encouraging step to start this fascinating Game Reserve in the year 1963. Voted as the best game reserve in Africa by the African Travel and Tourism Association, the Moremi Game  [...]
  • Wild Safari Tales from Okavango

    Posted in Africa | August 23, 2012
    Visit the unique ecological region of the Okavango Delta. This beautiful paradise filled with the best sights of the papyrus lined waterways and the lovely water lily laden lagoons, with the knee deep floodplains is a sure attraction in this part of the world in Africa. With the continuous stretch of sand that is a major feature of Africa , the Okavango Delta is an irresistible source of beautiful life in the country and provides a fascinating combination of wild interests and memorable tours. It is an alluvial fan of debris and sediment which filled a huge trough that was formed when the earth’s crust sunk into the ground. So these line of parallel faults along the River Okavango is what make up the lovely region of Okavango. Fed by the  [...]
  • Wildlife Ecstasies from Mashatu Game Reserve

    Posted in Africa | July 4, 2012
    Situated in the Botswana region in northern part of the Tuli Game Reserve, the Mashatu Game Reserve is a great travel destination for those who visit this part of South Africa. This is a great way of spending travel time in the continent of Africa and the expanse of space and vastness of the regions completely mesmerizes the tourists. There is a variety of wildlife here and so you could find the best of travel memories here in this part of the world. Enjoy the adventurous spirits here and go on those long safaris on horse back. The walks in the wilderness and the cycling safaris here ensure you have the best time of your life and the simple feeling of seeing the big African cats is something truly cherishable. Also see the largest mammal in  [...]
  • Thrilling Tales from Makgadikgadi tours

    Posted in Africa | May 8, 2012
    Come to the land of Botswana and enjoy the lovely pleasures of being in the vast expanse of Makgadikgadi in the Botswana region. Come here to feel how well you could see the beauty of Mother Nature and how exotic the entire locale here. There are many salt pans that remain here and this is a place that was a great lake many years back. This is a land that has many desert adapted species. With the seasonal rains and the attractive grasslands that are home to the most fascinating grazers and thus it is called “The Serengeti of the South”.  During rain, there are many zebra and wildebeest which migrate to the lovely grasslands here. So see the flamingoes come and flock the entire place and see how they feed in the waters filled with  [...]
  • Chobe National Park Tour Pleasures

    Posted in Africa | March 6, 2012
    Come to the land of culture, tradition and travel adventures – Africa and enjoy the surroundings of green ambience here. Come to the Chobe National park,third largest national park of Africa, and experience being in the most pristine surroundings in this part of the world. The park looks really beautiful and you would certainly love to enjoy this one time experience. The Chobe National park is divided into four different regions and each has a different kind of ecosystem. The Chobe riverfront is located in the North end of the park, and has the basic geographical features that surround the region with the most lush green surroundings and also has floodplains and has the densest woodland with the best varieties of teak, mahogany and other  [...]
  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve Pleasures in African travels

    Posted in Africa | February 28, 2012
    Come to Africa and enjoy the beautiful experiences at the Kalahari Desert, which is incidentally the largest sandy stretch in the entire world. Spanning around 1560 miles this lies in the northern portion of South Africa and passes through Angola and Namibia and ends at the DRC in Congo. There is no surface water here and this region of Kalahari is very well vegetated. There is a plethora of habitats which has the best collection of acacia trees, and has the best stretches of flat grasslands and the way these stretch seem like an eternity. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a lovely region of the best verdant expanse in this part of the world and was closed to public in the recent past. There is a kind of climate here which is greatly pleasant,  [...]