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  • Fauna in Bardia National Park

    Posted in Asia | June 7, 2010
    Royal Bardia National Park is known to be the leading park that is located in the lowland Terai and cover a total area of almost 968 sq. km. This park is been located in the Western Terai of Nepal and was been established for protecting the representative ecosystems as well as conserve tiger along with its species of prey. In the beginning, an undersized area was been gazette in the year 1976 as the Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve. While this area was been protected, just about 1500 people living in the Babai valley were settled for the second time in the outer surface of this park the permitting the vegetation as well as wildlife to thrive in this park. In the year 1982, this park was been named again as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve, as well  [...]
  • Bandipur National Park – explore the nature at its best

    Posted in Asia | June 4, 2010
    Regarding Bandipur National Park Located in the middle, while traveling downwards on the Mysore-Ooty highway at the point where the arid Deccan Plateau meets with the flourishing crumpled folds of the huge mountains of the Western Ghats. At this particular site, one of the best-known wildlife reserves is India, Bandipur National Park, is located. This park is surrounded by Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka in southern India, as well as the park lies alongside the states of Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu. Endowed by means of a moderate type of weather as well as dissimilar geographical features, this park supports an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, as a result making this park an authentic heaven for the wildlife. In  [...]
  • Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve – protecting the huge Giant Pandas

    Posted in Asia | June 1, 2010
    The Wolong Panda Reserve Research Center was been set up through the Chinese government quite back in the year 1958 as to set aside the on the way out populations of panda. The Panda Reserve is placed at a distance of a 3 hours long drive as of Chengdu. It is a natural reserve that covers a total area of more than 200,000 hectares as well as is known to be the largest panda reserve located in China. Wolong Panda Reserve Research Center was been added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site in the year 1980. All through the past many year ever since the expansion of the Wolong Panda Reserve, survival rates of the unnaturally bred baby panda has amplified as of 30% to 90% in the year 2003. Wolong Panda Reserve was opened up as wildlife observation  [...]
  • Wildlife conservation in India: Nature is missing its glory

    Posted in Asia | March 15, 2010
    Nature is the major part that gave plenty of chances to flourish mankind. When it comes about doing justice, it’s all what nature do, but not us. We learnt from childhood to save others, to think for others first, and rest all the things. In fact, we are living all because of the nature. And when our turn came to save the nature, we are simply sitting back, relaxing as if nothing has happened. Therefore, the government of India started giving advertisements to save the nature or in easy language ‘Save Wildlife’. Many wildlife organizations are there who try to save and flourish the wildlife. Many natural projects and programmes have been undertaken by the Indian Government like Project Tiger, Nature Camps, and Jungle Lodges. These have  [...]