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  • Periyar National Park In Kerala

    Posted in Asia | July 23, 2013
      Periyar National Park is the pride of the wild life in south India, and one of the best protected and maintained wild life reserves in India. The park is located in Idukki in Kerala. The Periyar National Park is strategically located near the Periyar lake covering area of about 925 sq km, which is formed lush green dense forests and with water supplied from the lake, the park is blessed with exotic trees planted here, and the reserve is rich n bio-diversity and smartly effective measures have been initiated to protect the wild life from poaching and fires. The park is a haven for tigers and elephants and you may spot varied mammal species, reptiles, exotic birds, amphibians, leopards, lions and Nilgiri langurs all inhabiting in the splendor  [...]
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Posted in Asia | July 9, 2013
      Mumbai, the vibrant city where every soul is fighting for a place due to space constraints , wild life has found a haven in 104 km area near a suburb of Borivili, in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a lush green dense forest blessed with fauna and flora of nature, where you will find exotic and endangered rare birds that migrate here every year, the jungle owlets, and the king fisher and any other rare birds of Asia. The park is a safe haven for leopards, lions, tigers, crocodiles, reptiles, deer that all live in the natural habitat in complete harmony and eco friendly environment. The VAN RANI, a mini train runs through the wild forest crossing bridges, tunnels and you will witness the fascinating  [...]
  • Marvels At The Singapore Zoo

    Posted in Asia | June 21, 2013
    Singapore zoo is one of the most beautiful settings for animals to live in freely in the natural surroundings and roam around the fauna and flora of the nature. The zoo is located in the lush rain forest region, with about 3000 animals, 300 rare species of birds and reptile living in complete harmony and the massive bio-dome diverse rainforest has been recreated in 20,000 cubic meter area, makes a dramatic backdrop for the zoo. The zoo is the nine time winner of the best leisure experience award and is a must visit for every visitor to Singapore. The zoo has been meticulously planned and creates an environment for a friendly interaction between the animals and mankind, with elevated platforms offering a close view of the life of the animals,  [...]
  • Nehru Zoological Park In Hyderabad

    Posted in Asia | June 7, 2013
      Nehru Zoological Park, located in the south west corner of Hyderabad is an exotic and a popular destination for visitors. The set is set in 300 acres of rugged land, with amazing landscape and within the flora and fauna of nature making an amazing abode for endangered species, animals and exotic birds and reptiles. The zoo is the home for the lions of the jungle, panthers, girs, Asiatic tigers, crocodiles and rare reptiles. A boat ride at the zoo will take you through the lush green forests and an amazing landscape welcomes you and the safari ride on the zoo will take you to the deep interiors of the jungle in to dense scrubs, savannah grasslands and rocky plateaus. The train ride and the cheerful interaction with the monkeys and  [...]
  • Wonderful Experience At The Snake Park and Zoo of Pune

    Posted in Asia | May 27, 2013
    Pune  is a city of Maharashtra which has got the beautiful and worth visiting zoo, the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park or the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo.  The zoo is located near Katraj. The Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for its maintenance and they are doing a commendable job of managing it.   The total area of the zoo is 130 acres.   The zoo is divided into 3 sections, one for animal orphanage, the second houses snakes (thus called Snake Park also) and a zoo.  Apart from these 3 sections, it also includes an area of 42-acre of Katraj Lake. The Pune Municipal Corporation initially created the Peshwe Park in 1953 of about 7 acres.  In 1986 Mr. Neelam Kumar Khaire created the Katraj Snake Park, with the assistance of Pune Municipal Corporation  [...]
  • Black Buck National Park Adventures

    Posted in Asia | May 8, 2013
     Asia is a continent filled with great geographic diversity. Here you can enjoy the best natural habitats as well as well established and modernized urban cities. India is a part of his marvelous continent and India is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and townships which are close to nature. Bhavnagar in Gujarat is one such are which is the home of Black Buck National Park and Gir zone. A short drive from the town of Bhavnagar will take you in to the world of wild life. The varied wild life is preserved by the sanctuary and mainly compromises of Black bucks and wolves. Spotting wild pigs, hares, rodents which are predominantly seen in the savannah type grasslands as well as the thorn scrubs will be the highlights of your visit to Bhavnagar. Enjoy  [...]
  • The National Zoological Park In Delhi

    Posted in Asia | December 20, 2012
    Delhi, the capital of India, has an exciting destination for animal lovers- the National Zoological Park. The National Zoological Park, located near the Purana Qila, close to the ITO. This wonderful Zoological Park was established in the year 1959. It is a huge imposing area which encompasses more than 214 acres of land. The zoo is home for animals and rare species from all over the world. The National Zoological Park, at Delhi is regarded as one of the vest zoos located in Asia and all attempts are being made in order to be able to give the birds as well as animals a habitat which is close to their natural habitat. The lush green trees, the fauna and flora of nature, the exotically designed terrain make the zoo an ideal home for over 2,000  [...]
  • Aman-I-Khas at Ranthambore National Park

    Posted in Asia | December 11, 2012
    Aman-I-Khas  is a resort located at the edge of the Ranthambore national park amid the low hills of Aravali in Rajasthan. Aman-I-Khas is a heady concoction of wilderness and luxury. The word Aman-I-Khas  is made of two words- Aman (peace) and Khas (special). And the resort offers you the best of the both. The experience of staying in one of its luxury tents is inspired by the rich Mughal travelling tents is exceptional. While the rooms are separated by the cotton drapes, the canvas tents are a world of indulgence by themselves. The tents offer you a panoramic view of the wild animals and birds in their natural habitat-uninterrupted and uninhibited. The tents are located on the edge of Ranthambore National Park, which is a protected and highly  [...]
  • Wild Pleasures from Satkosia gorge And Wildlife Sanctuary

    Posted in Asia | June 21, 2012
    Experience the wildlife locales in the state of Odisha in the eastern part of India and enjoy the pleasures of being in this lovely locale. Spread over 796 square kilometres, this is a beautiful region in this part of the world. Spanning over the districts of Budh, Angul, Nayagarh, and  Cuttack, the Satkosia gorge has a great landscape and has the best travel features. With the river Mahanandi flowing through this regional the wonderful gorge here is a sight to see and traverses a distance of around 22 kilometres. The sanctuary at Satkosia is very famous for the deciduous forests and the moist peninsular Sal forests. With a plethora of fauna, with pleasurable sights of the leopard, tiger, gaur, elephant , spotted deer, sambar and the mouse  [...]
  • Wild Tales from Srisailam Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh tours

    Posted in Asia | May 23, 2012
    Come to India, the lovely land of cultural values and wildlife sights. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a region filled with ultimate travel delights. Visit Andhra Pradesh in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent and experience the pleasures of a beautiful region filled with the greatest travel delights. With the best delights of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, this is a one land filled with great tour experiences. Amongst the many places to visit in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Srisailam sanctuary is a place that is a must visit in this part of the world. With a unique and special biotic community this is a great place to be in, in the sanctuary. Located around 29 km from the Macherla region, the Srisailam sanctuary  [...]