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Despite being remote and isolated in the east Pacific, the Galapagos is now among the most visited tourist destinations on Earth. While the remote factor has contributed a lot to its this popularity, it is also responsible for rendering a unique wildlife as well as history (inspired the Theory of Natural Selection); which also have played an important role in not only its popularity, but also in designating the archipelago as the World Heritage Site. So, it is not only the leisure tourists who plan for the Galapagos islands travel, but it is also the historians and wildlife experts who frequently come here for more research.

Felt as a trip away from Earth, this archipelago in Ecuador has more than 10 major atolls as well as over 5 small islets all of which occupy a vast ocean area. However, it is the unique wildlife that makes Galapagos an ideal destination for the wildlife enthusiast. The amazing habitats, creature crowd on the coast, picturesque vistas, and the transparent green-blue waters surely render the Galapagos Islands travel a flawless escape from the hectic life. The islands here were naturally made due to volcanic eruption, but currently, these are the spectacular homes of the national parks and marine reserves.

The climate here is quite variable with two major seasons: cool season from June to November featuring winds giving rise to misty drizzles named garua (20° to 24° C) and hot/rainy season from December to June featuring average temperatures between 26°-30° C. Natural lovers come here from December to May as the coast is very calm amidst the warm weather. June, July, and August are for the animal buffs, while September to November marks the low season. Divers arrive from July to November during which the whale sharks are bountiful.

When you plan for the Galapagos Islands travel, do include a trip to the following islands besides the major ones like Cristobal and Santa Cruz.

The Island of Baltra

Known as South Seymor, this is to the right of the archipelago’s heart as a desert like island featuring dry wild trees as well as plants. It is an airport as well as military based atoll.

The Island of Darwin

The name itself says that it was Charles Darwin to hold a research on the Galapagos’ evolution, especially on the flora and fauna types that are found here. This is where you will be able to spot the creatures that are the main attractions of Galapagos: sea lions, turtles, whales, seals, iguanas, frigates, and red-footed boobies.

The Island of Espanola

Named so in honor for Spain and also called as the Island of Hood, this is the exotic with unique sites because of its primitive feature. Formed some 4 millions years ago, it is among the most remote islands of Galapagos. It is nestled on the southernmost end and offers a mix of fauna that has adapted to the environmental changes. Native to this island only is the extinct iguana breed that is known for changing its color. Other attractions include beautiful birds flock like the waved albatross that are seen from the high hills here, snorkeling and swimming in the Gardner Bay, and the site of Punta Suarez as the home of red-and-blue-footed booby, iguanas, and swallow-tailed gulls.

The Island of Bartolome

Nestled to the east of the Santiago Island, this island gets its name after the first friend of Charles Darwin called Sir Bartholomew James Sulivan. This is where you get to see a lot of wild penguins – creatures that are not to found anywhere else. These are also called as Galapagos Penguin. And yes, you can also spot the green turtle. And yes, do ascend a hill here for the most sweeping vistas of the island.

The Island of Genovesa

Regarded as the island of tower, this is the permanent address of several bird species: red-footed booby, doves, lava gulls, noddy terns, Darwin finches, and tropic birds all of which are rarely spot anywhere else.

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