Prehistoric Underwater Terrors That Continue To Lurk Around

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Have you noticed something? Most of the prehistoric creatures that walked earth had something terror-like about them. They all seemed monstrous in their own rights.  Fortunately for us, most of them didn’t survive the test of time; and were made extinct long before we began to wander the likes of earth; and this is good news for sure. Is it?

Maybe it’s not! Maybe you’re only safe until you stay on land. If recent photos and studies are to be believed; some of the ugly monstrosities of the prehistoric times continue to rule the underwater domain till date. ‘Brrrrrrrrrrrr’, I say! I doubt you’d want to come face to face with any of these ugly creatures.

The Goblin Shark

Like sharks weren’t terrifying enough, God had to design a shark that had a circular saw for a face. Ewwwww! Thankfully, those are long dead (breathes a sigh of relief); but these may still be around. Goblin sharks are hideous, 11 footer servants of evil. They are electro-sensitive, shaped like trowel, possess beak-like rostrum and have protrusible jaws. Do you know what that sums up to? ‘Oh God no!!!’

These Goblin sharks have been known to be around since the Middle Eocene periods; which means that they have cohabitated with Megalodons at some point in time. Megalodons were great white sharks, which were the sizes of a bus. These were, perhaps, one of the most terrifying and (unfortunately) largest marine predators to have swum the seas of the universe. They didn’t survive; but the goblin shark did.

Where do they live?

The worst is yet to come, honeys! The truth is that goblin sharks can be found in almost any of the world’s oceanic water. They have been sighted at a number of places. So chances are that, you’re not far away from one, ever! They were first discovered (or rediscovered) off the coast of Japan.

Ever since that incident, they’ve begun cropping up all over the place. This would be enough indication to tell us that they have some sort of a population explosion happening down there. Maybe now would be a good time to begin investing in real estate around the Denver area.

Liked what you read? Watch this space for more. We know of quite a few more such underwater prehistoric terrors that are hanging around. You might want to learn more about their whereabouts. You definitely don’t want to be swimming or diving there, do you now!

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