Sariska National Park – Delve into Nature

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Come to the land of Rajasthan in India and enter the district of Alwar and see the pristine surroundings of Sariska National Park and see the beauty of the ambience. With the dry forests of deciduous trees see the beauty of the changing seasons and the magnificence of the undulating terrain here. Come to the plateau region and enjoy the splendour of the huge valleys.

Sariska National Park

Here you would enjoy the beautiful existence with the herbivores, tigers, sambar, spotted deer and the blue bulls living together in harmony.

Tigers in Sariska National Park Spotted deer in Sariska National Park

Existing since the year 1978, the entire zone spans over an area of around 866 square km. The forest was part of the state of Alwar and was actually used as a hunting reserve for the entire royalty. Then when India got independence, this place was recognized as a reserve and it was deemed unlawful to hunt, capture, net, shoot, trap or any kind of activity that would ensnare the whole animal species. So the reserve gradually grew into the Sanctuary that it is today in the year 1958. Then later, some areas of the forest zone were also incorporated with the reserve.

The main notification to make this a national park was made in the year 1982. Then the main notification came in the situation where some villages had to be relocated in the entire Park area.

With the Aravalli looming in the background the landscape of Sariska is enviable. With sharp edged cliffs and hills that render the whole place beautiful, the Sariska national park, is a great place to visit and this coupled with the lovely temples of the medieval era in Garh – Rajor completely adds to the beauty. These temples here belong to the 10th and the 11th century.

Then there is a beautiful 17th century castle. This lies on a steep hill at a place called Kankwari from where you can get a complete view of the whole place. This is also the place where you can see the eagles and Egyptian vultures fly to glory. The place thus became a national park in the year 1979.

There are many carnivores here in the Sariska National Park like the wild dog, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Tiger, Jackal, and the Hyena. Besides you could also find the Sambar, Nilgai, Chitel, Chausingha, langur, and the wild boar here. This place is also very popular for its rhesus monkeys which are found in the areas around Talvriksh.

Leopard in Sariska National Park Jungle Cat in Sariska National Park Nilgai in Sariska National Park

The aviary population is also not left far behind You can see the peafowl, bush quail, grey partridge, sand grouse, golden backed Wood Pecker, Tree Pie, Great Indian Horned Owl, and the Crested Serpent Eagle.

Sariska tiger reserve is located near major historical places like the 17th century fort at Kankwari which was built by the Indian king Jai Singh II. This is located near the mid point of the Sariska National park. The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb actually imprisoned Dara Shikoh his brother, when he was fighting for the succession in his throne. There exists a place called Pandupol which is supposed to the place where the Pandavas retreated.

Sariska tiger reserve

With a great treasure of national wealth and beautiful bio diversity the Sariska national Park is a beautiful place to go to.

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