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  • Wonderful Wolves of Ethiopia

    Posted in Africa | March 18, 2010
    Picture this. Sanetti Plateau among the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia. The mornings could not have been more chilled. The first rays of the sun stir an icy, cold wind instead of warmth. As I tug at my gaiter and move through the frozen grass, I have to remind myself that I am in Africa. Out of nowhere, a wolf appears mere 20 feet away. Daintily, she throws back her head and within seconds a loud cry is uttered that summons four others of the pack. This time, all males. They greet each other by licking the fellow muzzles. Pawing and stretching never seems to stop. Tails continue to wag. It is hard to withdraw the eyes from such a wonderful spectacle. Can you imagine how many colors are adorned on their beautiful bodies? The black and white tails  [...]