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  • Siberian Tiger facts

    Posted in Wildlife A-Z | January 25, 2011
    Also known as Amur, a Siberian tiger refers to the giant carnivores that mostly tend to survive in the coldest regions of our planet. It is certainly the largest cat in the world, but is sadly today among the endangered animals. Currently, these superb tigers are seen typically in southeastern Russia, especially in Siberia; which says much about their origins. Although they were seen in plenty in Korea, Mongolia, as well as China; illegal poaching has reduced their numbers here. Across the world, it is now accepted that some 350 to 400 tigers only survive in the forests and other 500 in the zoos. In order to save them, efforts have been made due to which now they are heavily safeguarded in wild, but a majority of them are now in zoos. These  [...]