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  • Where is Yellowstone national park located?

    Posted in North America | March 24, 2010
    Yellowstone National Park is full of several interesting and unusual geological characteristics that cannot be found everywhere in the world. This gigantic caldera or volcanic crater is the remainder of a massive volcano that erupted many millennia ago. As the area rests on the active volcano, it has many fascinating geothermal phenomena. As this place is not known to many tourists and always. Where is Yellowstone national park located? Beside the borders of Idaho and Montana to the northwestern side of Wyoming is situated Yellowstone National Park. The location of the park is not completely in the middle of nowhere, but one could get confused. From the northeast of Idaho Falls Idaho, the park is 100 miles away; from north of Jackson Wyoming  [...]
  • Yellowstone National Park: Fabulous nature’s gift

    Posted in North America | March 15, 2010
    America’s first National Park- Yellowstone National Park, fabulous nature’s gift, Wyoming’s flagship attractions, and a natural cornucopia. In brimming sun, with perfect blue sky and mountains sticking and rising high up as background Yellowstone National Park is amazing destination for exploring the plethora of nature, wildlife, geology and loads of adventure and thrill seeking adventures. Well growth is the factor, and Mother Nature is taking good care out here, with growing mammals, shaggy grizzlies, giant moose, wolverine packed wolves, and superfluity of ecosystems with motley concentrations of immense wildlife. Home of world’s half of the geysers, abundance of alpine lakes, riveting rivers and mesmeric waterfalls. As you explore  [...]