Wonderful Warty Newt

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The warty newt is also known as the great crested newt. It resides only in Europe. Female newts are larger than the male ones. They reach up to seven inches in length. This feature makes these amphibians the largest newts in Europe.

The warty newt lives up to its name. Its skin is covered by small bumps. The skin is made up of special glands that secrete a milky substance that is acrid in nature. This is used to combat predators. The jagged crest that appears on the backs of males gives the newts the other name. The crest forms during the spring and breeding season.

The upper surface of these newts are dark colored. Their lower surface comprises of orange and yellow with dark spots. Their flanks are adorned with white speckles. Their tails are large and vertically flattened. Down the side it contains a white streak.

Warty newt are nocturnal amphibians. They are avid eaters and feed on slugs, insects, worms, tadpoles, and mollusks. In comparison with most newts, they are more terrestrial in nature. Warty newts must be present near fresh water bodies in order to obtain moisture for their skins.

Warty newts live a major portion of their lives in hibernation. The months from October to March are the primary period for hibernation. They awaken during a rainy night in March and return to the pond where they once mated and hatched.

Female newts lay approximately 200 to 300 eggs. Of these, only half mature into tadpoles. Tadpoles get out from the eggs in 21 days. They consume tiny insects such as water fleas and worms.

Warty newt live a long life. Some live for more than 16 years. Similar to all newts, they have the ability to re-grow different parts of the body. However, as age increases, this ability fades.

In recent times, their population has dwindled. They are now considered to be an endangered species. Under the provisions of European law, these newts and their habitats are protected.

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