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  • Aparados Da Serra National Park

    Posted in South America | March 22, 2011
    Literally meaning the rocky evolution for forming the grasslands, the Aparados Da Serra national park stretches on the eastern frontier in southern Brazil between the Santa Catarina States and Rio Grande do Sul. Engulfing a variety of protected landscapes such as cliff foliage, forests, canyons, slopes, rivers, and other ecosystems, the park features majestic scenery, geological wonders, and adventurous activities. Above all, the main highlight is the grand Itaimbezinho Canyon naturally adorned with the blossoming biodiversity, green foliage, and plunging waterfalls. Frankly speaking, Aparados Da Serra expands alongside the southern Atlantic coast and with the widest canyons of Brazil, which stretch into the neighboring Serra Geral national  [...]
  • Galapagos Islands travel

    Posted in South America | March 8, 2011
    Despite being remote and isolated in the east Pacific, the Galapagos is now among the most visited tourist destinations on Earth. While the remote factor has contributed a lot to its this popularity, it is also responsible for rendering a unique wildlife as well as history (inspired the Theory of Natural Selection); which also have played an important role in not only its popularity, but also in designating the archipelago as the World Heritage Site. So, it is not only the leisure tourists who plan for the Galapagos islands travel, but it is also the historians and wildlife experts who frequently come here for more research. Felt as a trip away from Earth, this archipelago in Ecuador has more than 10 major atolls as well as over 5 small islets  [...]
  • Fiordland National Park – Land of unbelievable wonders

    Posted in Australia & Pacific | March 1, 2011
    Get ready to immerse into the deep whites, blues, and greens of the bearingly green-cool landscape sculpted naturally by the chilled glaciers. This is the totally remote, but beloved wilderness of the 59-year-old Fiordland National Park located in the heart of Te Wāhipounamu (the place of greenstone) in the South Island of New Zealand (southwest). Just a single look to this area will convince as to why this is a World Heritage Area. This is of no wonder as the entire southwest of this nation is among the vast wilderness zones in the Southern Hemisphere. The Fiordland National Park is the landscape boasting the snow-capped mountains, endless forests, profound lakes, rivers of ice, and tussock grasslands all making up for the best setting and  [...]