Azerbaijan Wildlife

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With the plethora of wildlife, that Azerbaijan has, the travel to this part of the world is very interesting and exciting. With the wide variety of reptiles, insects and birds that form a major population here, the Azerbaijan region gives you an ideal opportunity, to see the best of wildlife here. With the diverse flora and fauna, the natural habitat here is very rich and is a major source of attraction for all. In fact, the Azerbaijan wildlife is being protected such that there are many rules that have been made to protect these hoofed and fun animals in this region.

The main symbol of wildlife in Azerbaijan is the Karabakh horse. This is a horse that originates from the mountain steppe and is in fact found only in Azerbaijan. Originally a part of the region of Azerbaijan, this has been existing since the 5th century. The animals in Azerbaijan are found in the areas where the climate is favorable and where there is the right kind of food available for them. Some of the species populate in special areas while others are found across the country. Passerines are located across the entire area of Azerbaijan. Then you have the Protozoa parasites that are also found in many areas of the country. Then you have the jeyran gazelles which are mainly found to dominate this area. The Caucasian region is inhabited by the Caucasian goats. In fact Azerbaijan is a region which has the maximum number of mammals in the European region. More than 107 types of mammals are found here, for example the Caucasus goats, and the moufflons which are so popular in this region.

Azerbaijan Wildlife
While here in Azerbaijan, you can find the eastern European hedgehog, the long eared hedgehog, the Levantine mole, the bicoloured shrew, and the east central hedgehog. You can also see the European free tailed bat and the Kuhl’s pipistrelle and the common pipistrelle besides the whiskered bat and the serotine bat. The Greater Horseshoe bat and the Geoffroy’s bat is also very commonly found here.

Then you have the rodents like the house mouse, the pigmy field mouse, the grey hamstere, the social vole, the yellow breasted mouse, the Euphrates jerboa, the Libyan jird and then the carnivores like grey wolf, the golden jackal, the red fox, the beech marten, the least weasel, the brown bear, the striped hyena, the pine marten and the wild cat.

Euphrates jerboa Red Fox Beech Marten

The Azerbaijan wildlife zones have more than 97 species of fish and most of these fish are found in the Kur River and the Mingechevir reservoir. The salmon,  the stellate sturgeon and the beluga are all parts of the aquatic fauna here and it is interesting to find all these under the same roof here. The most famous avifauna here include the Golden Eagle and the Nakhichevan which are found here in Azerbaijan.

Kur River
Anyone who comes on an adventure tour to this place gets all the excitement and thrill that is related to this place and the potential for perfect adventure is great here in this part of the world. The Caucasus Mountain with its beautiful peaks and lovely gorges and caves make this place a tourist’s delight . Added to this, the hiking and trekking and the innumerable trails that so form a part of this place, ensure that the traveler coming here for adventure would never go back disappointed.

Caucasus Mountain
Azerbaijan thus offers an unforgettable adventure experience here in this part of  the world and gives you all the reason to be a part of this magnificent hub of wildlife here in this land of surprises and wildlife pleasures.

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