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The South African republic is located at the southern tip of the African continent.  This place has a coast line stretching two thousand eight hundred kilo meters.  These are on the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.  The north of this place lies in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Swaziland and Mozambique lie too the east. Lesotho uniquely lies within the South African countries boundaries although Lesotho is a wholly independent country.

South Africa is known for its diverse cultures and languages.  There are about eleven official languages that are legitimately included in the constitution. Two of these languages are English and Afrikaans. Although Afrikaans is a language which has originated from Netherlands, this language is spoken by the majority of the people here are South African and speak South African English. The English language has a big role in the progress of the public and the commercial scene in this country. English however seems to be the fifth largest spoken language through out the country.

This place is very ethnically y diverse. About seventy nice percent of the population here is of black ancestry. There are groups who speak the Bantu language.

This place has the highest mix of European Asian and many racially mixed communities. South Africa is ranked the sixth from the world most bio diverse countries. This place has about twenty thousand different type of plants. And it also has about ten percent of all the known species of plants in the whole world.  In Highveld, the entire plant cover is dominated by different grasses and low lying shrubs and acacia trees.   Camel thorn and whitethorn are the most famous trees here.

As this region does not get a lot of rainfall, vegetation here becomes quite sparse. The northern end of Kruger Park has many Baobab trees.

This place is also very famous for the safaris here. The country is becoming soon one of the biggest holiday destinations in the whole world.  There are attractions that can be found al over the country.  The infrastructure here is pretty good and world standard.  This is one of the reasons why it is absolutely essential that you go and check out the acclaimed safari here in South African safari.

So treat yourself to an absolute pleasure trip, right here in South Africa. The amazing African wild animals that wader freely in the grace of their own wild territory makes for some of the most spectacular sights.  Take a walk in the bush and go look at the smaller and friendlier animals here. These are the animals that you might not be able to spot while you are traveling on your safari jeep. The tracker who will accompany you while you go on your bush walks will be more than excited to tell you many stories of what happens in this place and the many adventures that he must have had while on the job and even otherwise.  They also proactively talk to you about medicinal properties of different plants that you might just spot while you take walk here.

You could bird watch and stargaze while you are on the bush walk, as it is included as part of the activities that tale place on this walk tour. One of the best things to do on this bush walk is the beautiful moon lit dinner that happens at the end of the walk.

The most important thing to consider while going on this travel; is where you are going to shack up for the duration of your safari in South Africa.   There are quite a lot of lodges within the South African vicinity. In fact there are many that are even close o where the safaris are. There are many options ranging from, the simplest of accommodations to bed and breakfasts. And then you also have the large luxury accommodations. . You should visit the Kruger national park. Here you will get a chance to explore the entire place and hear roaring lions and the hum of many animals. The weather is quite pleasant and you will be able to see many beautiful sights here.

In fact you should bring your whole family along as the safaris have been tailored made for family fun. There are many wild activities that have been designed for then along that, there are a variety of wildlife books that are provided with lots of pictures and entertaining educational activities to do. These programs have been developed by the safaris and the family oriented hotels and lodges around to make the whole experience more tourists friendly. Here are many other activities like these with many exciting destination here that make the safaris in Africa an experience that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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