Baja California – My Experience

Posted in North America | May 17, 2011 | Comment Now

Last summer, I got a chance to set sail to the Baja California area. It was a destination I always wanted to visit. The trip was therefore in the nature of a dream come true for a wildlife enthusiast like me. We were sailing on board the Seabird. There were fifty passengers abroad, although the ship could have held another twelve.

The Sea of Cortez in the Baja California area is one of the most heavenly areas on earth, and we voyaged right deep into the area. We departed from La Paz and headed right north to the often neglected, but extremely rewarding Midriff Islands.

Our trip had a number of highlights, but the one I will always remember was being surrounded by about thirty Sperm Whales. We could actually listen to the noises these whales were making to communicate using the hydrophones on board. As these whales swam close to the ship, we eavesdropped using the hydrophones.

Also, that day was when I learned that sperm whales are an odd looking species of whales, with a cranial bump, an offset blowhole, and wrinkly skin. The largest was a twenty meter long male, its head making up more than a third of its length. The males made a noise similar to a metal door banging hard. These whales are capable of diving more than twelve hundred meters. This is deeper than any other Cetaceans.

We also came across groups of Common Dolphins, and Pilot Whales. The dolphins seemed to be the personification of ecstasy, spinning and leaping like excited poodles, and riding over our bow wave. We were also rewarded with sea turtles, sharks and rays as well.

Isla Rasa was home to thousands of Elegant Terns and Heerman’s Gulls. The island of Isla Rasa is the ultimate destination if you are a bird lover, because 95 per cent of the bird population in the world breeds on the tiny island, and has a huge amount to take in. peregrine falcons patrol the cliff edges, Ospreys build nests here and thousands of other birds fly here and there.

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