Call of the Wild – Bannerghata National Park

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If you are a nature lover and want to feel the raw beauty of Mother Nature then make sure you are going on one of those quick getaways where you can get the best of natural experience. This national park of around 105 sq km has all the reasons to be a great wildlife destination and the entire forest of scrub tree is the best experience for a seasoned traveler. This place is also home to the bison, lion, world boar and the leopard. There is a farm fro crocodiles here and also a serpentarium. Added to this there is a butterfly park too. The park is so huge that a part of it has been reserved as a sanctuary. This has made sure that these animals are protected and the sanctuary mainly houses wild animals that are rescued. These animals are also from circuses sometimes.

Bannerghata National Park

Existing since the year 1978, Bannerghata national Park, is a huge 25,000 acre land that has many wild animals living here. You can find the lions and the panthers, the tigers and the other wild animals. The birds too live here happily and you have the best variety of birds here. You can actually feel the thrill of being in this place and just go and tested your excitement quotient in one of those safaris you would take. You have the lion safari and the tiger safari. These safaris take you round the forest and you can get closer to nature. Enjoy the surroundings and the ambience in which these trails take place. The trees form a great canopy here and the intermittent water bodies like a pond and the rest of the scenic beauty makes the place look like a total paradise. There is a zoological garden here which helps the tourist to see many animals in one place. There is a great reptile collection here. There is in fact a snake part which you could go to and get up close and personal with the animals here. The children who come here need not get disappointed as there is a spherical corner for them to make them feel less scared. If you are a trekker then do go to to Uddigebande and also the Hajjamana Kallu. Besides the Mirza Hill also gives you a good travel experience. The Uddigebande is around 3.5 km from Bannerghata. Just enjoy the thrill here. Then see the Hajjamana Kallu which is a natural rock formation. The Mirza Hill also lens beauty to the surroundings.

Butterfly park

There are around ten reserve forests belonging to the Anekal Range in the division of Bangalore. The hills here are also more attractive because of the presence of temples here. Then you also have the Suvarnamukhi stream flowing by the park. The origin of this river is the hills of Suvarnamukhi. These hills actually look like a huge rock and stretch for a long distance. Then you also have the Champaka Dharna Swamy temple which is a typical Dravidian temple. The temple belongs to the age of the Hoysalas. The presiding deity in the temple is Lord Vishnu and he is seen standing here with his wife Sri Devi, and Bhu Devi.

While at Bannerghata National Park enjoy nature and see the beautiful Mother Nature blooming in joy.

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