Central Balkan National Park Travel Guide

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Bulgaria has three national Parks which have a lot of luscious greenery and a lot of protected vegetation too. The Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan are the three green zones in this part of the world.

Central Balkan are among the most protected Europe areas and has some of the best wild regions in this part of the world. these parks in Bulgaria are identified as Category II which are protected by the best conservation parks in this part of the world. The Bulgarian national parks give best opportunities for scientific research and tourism and also education. Bulgaria has some of the most valued resources for the cultural value and livelihood for the people who are living in close quarters. There are lot of links between economic development and non timber resource harvesting which give a lot of progress in this park.

Central Balkan National Park

The national parks here also have lakes, rivers, waterfalls, natural landmarks, and also the most beautiful landscapes. These parks are among the best natural resources like air, water and land and also wildlife. These parks are a great source of prosperity of local people and have a lot of economic and social welfare.

Central Balkan National Park Central Balkan National Park

The Central Balkan national park lies in the highest part of the Stara Palinan Mountains which have around 670 km hiking areas and also has the best cross country trails and snowshoe views with greatly fascinating views of the deepest canyons, the highest waterfalls and the loveliest beech tree forests. The international trekking route E-3 goes to the Black Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Normally tourists coming to this part of the world like to explore this region on a mountain bike or on horseback.

The park is a great paradise for nature lovers. The bird watchers also come here and love to spot the bird species here which cross over 123 of them. The golden eagle and the imperial eagle are amongst the commonly found here. The white backed woodpecker, red breasted flycatcher and eagle owl are other varieties found here in the land of beautiful surroundings.

The park also has wolves, bears, pine martens, bat species and also otters amongst the innumerable varieties of invertebrates which are all endangered.

Pine martens Wolves

The park is accessed from Sofia or via Varna or Kazanlak. Trains and public buses go to the park locale from Sofia.

The Balkan Mountains form a majestic background for the park and the entire mountains traverse the whole region of Bulgaria from the East to the West. This is actually the most fascinating sight of the park

The Central Balkan National Park gives a great sight to the wildlife experiences here and this also has the highest waterfall in the entire peninsula and has the tallest mountain peak too. The deepest precipice cave is found in Bulgaria and it has the biggest populace of brown bears too. The beech forests here notwithstanding offer the best sights and the entire park is really a great site with the maximum biodiversity that could be found in this land of beautiful mammals and plants besides of course the absolutely mesmerizing avifauna which forms a major part of the park.

Hikers come to this park and enjoy the lovely experiences that are so much a part of this region.

Central Balkan National Park hiking

With the sight of the Singing rocks and the most welcoming mineral spa, the Central Balkan National Park is a great region to be in and provides ideal travel pleasures in this part of the world. With the new plant species Botev Triglav forming the mainstay of the park, the Balkan national park is not without its lovely surprises and pleasant delights. Come here to the land of beautiful experiences and feel the ambience seep into you as you make your way through this land of verdant stretches and virgin ambience. Something about the park is sure to linger in your mind for a long time to come, so do take care that you take your camera along to capture the whole scene in front of your eyes very well enough to take it back as your best travel kitty.

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