Central Kalahari Game Reserve Pleasures in African travels

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Come to Africa and enjoy the beautiful experiences at the Kalahari Desert, which is incidentally the largest sandy stretch in the entire world. Spanning around 1560 miles this lies in the northern portion of South Africa and passes through Angola and Namibia and ends at the DRC in Congo. There is no surface water here and this region of Kalahari is very well vegetated. There is a plethora of habitats which has the best collection of acacia trees, and has the best stretches of flat grasslands and the way these stretch seem like an eternity.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a lovely region of the best verdant expanse in this part of the world and was closed to public in the recent past. There is a kind of climate here which is greatly pleasant, and the terrain here is also a little harsh on the traveler. The area has been kept very virgin and pristine due to the surroundings and the natural ambience is something that is very original here. This is wild Africa at its best.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Initially created as a shelter for the Bushmen of Kalahari this has existed since 30,000 years. These Bushmen called the San Bushmen, where originally hunter gatherers and they used to live in groups of family and they took whatever they wanted to survive. This is a form of Kalahari art and it is their simple lifestyle that became a great interest to all the Europeans who have created a colony for all the inhabitants of Southern Africa and the Bushmen. The Bushmen thus not only became the hunted but also the hunter.

The survival of the Bushmen was a major issue in the year 1961 when the region of Botswana was a British Protectorate. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve was then made their homeland. These Bushmen today have mingled with other tribes like the Bakgalagadi and they are found living in the reserve. They have a traditional lifestyle and these have been passed on from generations to generations.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

There are lodges for safari trips that are based in the various locales in Kalahari. These often have many people who are hired by these lodges, so that they can guide the visitors who come here and they also teach methods of how to survive. These people are clad in traditional attire and the animal skins and a bow and arrow give them the ancient look. These people show how to catch an ostrich and also how to find water filled tubers. This is not an easy task. The Bushmen are very good at telling tales and there is nothing better than to tell a story with beautiful representations and lovely demonstrations. These performances are very elaborate and narrative and give great experiences. When the day gets over they take off their clothes and go back to the village.

Cheetah at Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve get the rains in the northern portion and these travel from Deception Valley to the Piper Pans. The beautiful plains with the sweet greases becomes a great game viewing zone in the land of Botswana. Not many people are aware of the fact that is a lovely zone and there are very few visitors. With the lovely blue sky with the equally fascinating clouds looming over the region, this is a lovely paradise. With the presence of the gembok, the wildebeest, the cheetah, the lion and the jackal, the sight here is really enchanting. These are compared with the Serengeti and the Masai Mara migrations of the region of Kenya and Tanzania.

Gembok at Central Kalahari Game Reserve Lions at Central Kalahari Game Reserve

With the beautiful cries of the Black Korhaan in the day and the male barking gecko at night, this is one region where the most enchanting travel delights surely fill you with joy.

So come to Central Kalahari Game Reserve and see the lovely sights of grazing animals, magnificent cloud formations, beautiful reptiles, insects and scorpions, and also the lovely ambience of the Deception Valley.

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