Wildlife pleasures in Canaima National Park

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Spread over a lovely land spread over around 3 million hectares in the south eastern part of Venezuela, the Canaima national Park provides one with the best sights of wildlife in this part of Guyana and Brazil in South America. Around 65% of the park has the beautiful formations of tepui which are a greatly unique biological entity here.

They are in fact of great geological interest and have the best visual delights of waterfalls and majestic cliffs and also have the worlds highest cliff is found here, and these form a greatly magnificent landscape.

Established in the year 1962, this national park doubled its size in the year 1975. The park is very popular amongst tourists for its lovely waterfalls, the Angel Falls obviously being the most attractive. With a free drop of around 1,002 m the sights here are enchanting and fill the entire region with the best tour pleasures.

The park is said to protect the main waters of the River Caroni and supplies water to Guri which is the largest hydro electric power station which is the source of around 60% of the nation’s energy. The park has some beautiful savannah and has the inhabitation of the Pemon people. The park is bisected by  a road from Ciudad Bolivar which makes access easy for the tourists here. The roads are not metalled inside the park and the western section of the park is reached only by air.

Canaima National Park

The Canaima national park is situated in the south eastern part of Venezuela in the state of Bolivar and is protected by the Guyana Shield. With the lema Mountain Range and Rio Carro bordered it in the north, it has the Pakaraima range in  the south, the Rio Venomo flowing in the east and the Rio Caroni in the west. Ciudad Bolivar is the city nearest to this park thus making tours very convenient and interesting.

Spanning over an area of around 30,000 km the Canaima National park is a great place to be in in this part of the world and is popular for its majestic landscapes and beautiful ambience. Mount Roraima is the tallest tepui here and is a very easy to climb. Then you have the Auyantepui which is found in the Angel Falls . The sight of these tepuis with their sandstone structure gives you an idea of the structures that existed during the time when Africa and South America were part of a great continent.

This is a region where you get to see the Pemon Indian who are part of the linguistic Carib group. The Pemon are said to have a very close relation with the tepuis and they have this belief that the Mawari spirits live here. There are not many roads leading to the park and most of the transport is normally either by plane or by canoe or foot.

Canaima national park attractions

The Pemons have many comfortable camps, which are the main attractions  for tourists coming  from all parts of the world. The Canaima national park which is also a World Heritage Site is a lovely natural reserve which has the best kind of relief that is unique only to this part of the world. With the tepuis forming the intermittent relief, the tours here are totally enchanting filled with the verdant delights on one side and the rocky terrain in the north. Both plants and animals of the endemic kind are seen here and it is indeed a very memorable experience here in this par of south America.

Tourists love to come here and take a jungle hike and enjoy the orchids that bloom here in the months of July and August. Many other plants are here for you to see and thus it is a perfect nature lover’s delight. There are lovely unique plants and flowers here which provide you with a great travel experience. If you want to see some jungle critters then the best time to take a jungle hike is at dawn. Most of the large animals have moved away many years ago. Toucans, spiders, birds, frogs are  all found here. Add to this the sight of the insects and travels  here make tours very enchanting and fulfilling.

Canaima national park information

The Canaima national park is thus a great land filled with the pleasures of a land that has ideal excitement and pleasures. Come here and see the animals that existed in the past and also the collection of plants that are so much a part of this beautiful wildlife region.

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