Chitwan National Park Travel Guide and Attractions

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Visit this treasure of natural wonders –The Chitwan National Park. With the best location in the south central portion of Nepal, this expanse of around 932 sq. km of beautiful subtropical verdant lowland of the Terai region of Nepal is a great wildlife zone. With the background of the Tikauli forest and the beautiful Rapti River flowing through this lovely land stretching across the foothills of the Mahabharat, this is a lovely wildlife area that was declared the Mrigakunja in the year 1959. The River Rapti’s area was segregated in the year 1963, and it was deemed a sanctuary for the rhinoceros. This was then the country’s first National Park in the year 1973.

Chitwan National Park

Then there was another area of around 750 square kilometres that was a buffer area which had private lands and forests. With a plethora of ecosystems which is inclusive of the hills of Churia, the ox bow lakes here add to the beauty. The Rivers Rapti, Narayani and Reu have formed fertile river plains which also form a part of the national park. The western side of the Chitwan National park is made up of the rugged hills of Someshwor. The Parsa Wildlife Reserve is a part of the western border of the park.

With beautiful tropical and subtropical forests, the Chitwan National Park comprises of more than 70% of the park. Leaves of the Sal tree are used for making plates that are used for religious occasions. 20% of the land is covered with grass and with around 50 types of grasses the elephant grass is very popular here. Known for its tall height and its capacity to grow up to 8 meters, the other variety of short grass is also popular here. The shorter grass is utilized for thatching roofs and making ropes and mats and also for making paper. With more than around 50 kinds of mammals here, the park has more than 525 birds and around 55 kinds or reptiles and amphibians. The mesmerizing scenery coupled with the beautiful hues of natural effects makes this place a great haven for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Forest at Chitwan National Park

Local villagers cut the thatch grasses here in the month of January and in the months of February and April and September and November, the migratory birds come here and provide a great experience for all wildlife lovers. The lush vegetation, the Palas tree or the flame of the forest and the cotton trees give the right kind of scenic splendor for this pristine wildlife haven.

Chitwan National Park in Nepal

With a great amount of facilities arranged for all kinds of activities in and off the site, the Chitwan National Park comes across as a great tourist destination for all those who visit this region of Nepal. There is the Visitor Centre at Sauraha which gives the ideal information of wildlife and other programs on conservation. There is a souvenir shop which gives great information of all the kinds of handicrafts and local souvenirs and gifts that are found here.

There are elephant safaris here that give a greater chance to have a view of all the endangered animals like the one horned rhino for example. Then you could also get to see the Bengal tiger if you are lucky.

Elephant safaris at Chitwan National Park

Then there are the crocodiles and the turtles that add to the excitement.

Crocodile at Chitwan National Park

With all this in tow, the Chitwan National park is a must visit spot in Nepal.

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