Wild Fantasies in Bandhavgarh

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Want to fantasize yourself in a wild experience? Want something wild to happen in your life? Visit Bandhavgarh the land of the wild. You would automatically be transported to your wildest dreams and would be in wild ecstasy.

Situated at a level of 800m visit this land of the wilderness in the months of February to June. Bandhavgarh National Park is closed during the months of July to October. Spanning an area of around 450 square km, with a main area of around 105 square km, this is one of the best wild life sanctuaries in this part of the world. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, this is located near Jabalpur. Deriving its name from the fort Bandhavgarh nearby, this is ensconced in the mountain ranges of the majestic ranges of the Vindhyas.

Bandhavgarh National Park

This land of green is home to the best tigers and the number is increasing by the day. Right now, there are around more than 50 years. The entire area of Bandhavgarh is surrounded by lofty cliffs and the mountains of the Vindhyas around, with the expanse of the green grass and wetlands and has beautiful flora and fauna.

With birds like the kingfisher and the egrets, along with the majestic vultures, the place also has a self sustaining system which gives the entire area a great scope to develop more. With the typical climate, water, atmosphere and nutrition the entire recycling system could be managed and in fact Bandhavgarh seems to sleep and wake up along with its living organisms.

The flora includes the tigers for which the park is famous and again the mix of greenery found here makes this place an area of mixed vegetation of Sal and bamboo. There are grasslands in the north and the tourists who come to Bandhavgarh actually get a chance to view wildlife, in the centre of the park, and the sight of the beautiful hills with the dense forests is mesmerizing. These 32 hills make the view fascinating and it is a great experience.

Bandhavgarh initially was a hunting ground for the royal family and was initiated as a park in the year 1968. The Rewa White Tigers attract tourists from afar and the place is very famous. Here the tourists go on an elephant safari and the sight of tigers excites the tourists and they remember this for a lifetime.

Bandhavgarh elephant safari

Besides, the other wild animals like the Chinkara, Nilgai, Chital, Chausingha, Fox, Wild Boar and the jackal is also found here in Bandhavgarh.

There are regular jeep safaris with a guide detailing about the park and the early morning dew with the sight of wild animals is a nostalgic experience.

The elephant safari and the jeep safari is the main attraction for people who come here and the lovely ambience coupled with the virgin greenery renders the entire place like a dream and you can see your wildest fantasies with wildlife come true here.

Bandhavgarh jeep safari

Tiger tracking is a unique experience here and the whole thrill of following a tiger trail and waiting for the sight of a tiger is something that is equivalent to your wildest dreams replayed.

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