Mysterious Kiwi found in Russia

Posted in News | May 10, 2011 | Comment Now

Recently, a kiwi was found in Sochi, a Russian resort town. The bird had been living in a garden for more than three days before it was found. Experts say that the bird should be handled properly as the bird has a potential for aggression.

What is astounding scientists and laymen alike is how the bird that is commonly found in New Zealand got to the resort town of Sochi in Russia. Kiwis cannot fly. They are featured in the list of endangered animals.

It is believed that the bird may have been a stowaway on a cruise ship from New Zealand. However port officials denied this possibility, as all cruise ships are tightly controlled. The nighttime bird is normally shy.

Paul Kavanagh, Senior Officer Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park stated to the media that the story was shockingly strange, and it is baffling as to how the nocturnal, shy and flightless bird could have traveled such a distance. He also said he had never heard of a black market scenario revolving around kiwis.

Kiwi birds have a potential for aggression. These birds’ kick is quite strong and there have been reports of possums being killed by kiwis. If the bird is not handled in the right manner, it could turn quite aggressive. Some experts invoked the Department of Conservation (DOC), as the dietary as well as handling requirements and quite complex. Zoologists are also not ruling out the possibility that the bird may die as it may not be able to adapt to the local climate.

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