The Volcano At Mount Longonot National Park Seems Active

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There is a sight that is a must-see when you come to Nairobi. This is seen when you approach the cliffs of the Great African Rift Valley. The mount of Mount Longonot rises up from the floor of the valley that surrounds the region.

A lot of years back, there was a national park that was created in the region surrounding the mountain. This effort was made to ensure that more tourists visited the region. This volcano had, anyway, been a dormant volcano for a very long time now.

However, if you take into consideration the stories published on the blogs of volcanologists’, then the story is altogether different. The stories are much more sinister than the official story put together by the park officials and tourist attractions.

The pictures that were taken over the past one decade have shown that there has been an elevation in the mountain by a couple of inches. This growth is a sign of the fact that there has been a significant increase in the volcanic activity that is happening at a deeper level; and the elevation is a subsequent effect of the rising magma.

Although there haven’t been any other visible signs in the present times, there was a recent report, as per people taking flights over the region, who saw that there was smoke and steam emanating from the region. Another possibility, however, claim park officials is that the smoke and steam is produced by the geothermal power station which is located close to the mountain. This power station is known to tap into the deeper crusts of the Earth in order to produce electricity.

As per the park officials and officials at the geothermal power station, KENGEN (Kenya’s National Power Generating Company) would have to keep a close eye on any sort of tremors being felt at Mount Longonot. It is absolutely essential for them to stay on top of any sort of potential developments.

The Great African Rift Valley is one that has stemmed from seismic activity; and there exist geysers and hot springs along the floor of the valley. These are ever present reminders of the fact that there is all that heat stirring endlessly and uneasily below the region.

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